BREAKING NEWS: Covid19 Positive mother gives birth to a baby girl in Entebbe

An expectant woman who tested positive for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has today successfully delivered her fourth child through caesarean section operation.

The woman delivered her baby girl at around 1:45 pm at Entebbe regional referral hospital. The operation was conducted by a team of experienced health workers led by a physician, an epidemiologist and midwives.

Samples were drawn from the baby for testing at the Uganda Virus Research Institute to determine if she is negative or positive for COVID-19.

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Last month researchers from the hospitals of Renmin and Zhonghan of Wuhan University noted that COVID-19 has multiple possible routes of transmission including from mother to baby while still in the womb.

The two research teams examined a total of 7 babies who all tested positive after birth, an indication that they could have been infected while in the uterus of their positive mothers.

Entebbe hospital director Dr Moses Muwanga commended the team for the successful operation adding that he urged the doctors prior to the operation to take up preventive and protective measures as required of everyone dealing with COVID-19 cases.

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Dr Muwanga says the hospital has so far delivered five mothers though the previous four were COVID -19 suspects and had a normal delivery. By Saturday afternoon the hospital had 25 of the 48 confirmed cases of Coronavirus including the 11 from Watoto Children’s choir.

With a capacity of 200 beds, the hospital is currently handling only COVID-19 cases and has now expanded the zone for the confirmed cases to two wings, with a total capacity of 41 beds.

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