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Clean Cooking: How Masrcorp Solar Is Using Technology To Improve Livelihoods Of Ugandans

Masrcorp Solar Uganda

In quest to reach thousands of families, communities and organizations to upgrade them from ordinary expensive, unclean and unhealthy kitchens into affordable, clean, smoke-free and first solar aided Kitchens in Uganda especially during this COVID19 Period, Masrcorp Solar Uganda, a clean energy company has invented new and clean solar aided kitchen to help boost livelihoods. 

The Daily Express News speaks to Masrcorp Solar Uganda about this new cooking technology aimed at improving Ugandan livehoods.

Located in the heart of Kampala at Ntinda Tusky’s Building, 2nd Floor, Masrcorp Solar Uganda manufacturers of solar powered cookers, stoves, water heaters, water pumps and other equipment, say the new technology is built to operate in modern communities, with reduced pollution.

Through this initiative, the Ugandan solar energy company aims at being the regional leader in construction and constant innovation of smart clean energy based local kitchens and renewable energy systems that help residential and commercial customers scale down their energy consumption costs and reduce their environmental impact.

A Clean, Modern Kitchen
Masrcorp Solar works to bring sustainable solar engineering solutions to Ugandan communities, shifting away from the unfriendly and expensive traditional kitchen with this new solar aided kitchen equipment and setup according to the Team leader Masrcorp Ivan Masaba.

Ivan, an engineer by profession specializing in Solar energy development and technology says he wanted to bring his experience in business development and the social enterprise sector to transform lives of Ugandans and the hospitality industry.

By doing this, Masrcorp Solar Uganda will accelerate regional transition to sustainable clean energy based modern local kitchens, thereby saving people from degrading the environment through cutting down trees for charcoal and using electricity or plastics for cooking.

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With our initial focus on the smart “clean energy based modern local kitchens, Masrcorp Solar is targeting the fast-growing middle and high end market that has invested in modern housing, longs for premium products and are willing and able to invest in such amenities,” States Ivan.

It should be noted that as the housing market grows and is projected to expand rapidly over the next 10 years, the demand for modern local kitchens is expected to follow the same trend.

As a result, Masrcorp Soalr Uganda is at the fore front of this innovation and has invested heavily in clean energy equipment that will satisfy this demand over time.

“Our major aim is to redefine the everyday cooking experience of homes across the country and ensure the delivery of the finest energy systems and the best customer experience” Further states Ivan, Masrcorp Solar Uganda CEO & Team Leader.

“Just take that simple belief that women shouldn’t die from preparing food for their families, then make sure that issue reaches a global audience.”

What Masrcorp Solar Does
The Company invests in manufacturing of solar based technological systems for all applications including domestic installations, commercial solar systems for schools, offices, factories, smes at affordable prices.

Solar Aided Kitchens
These are Masrcorp Solar aided kitchens that are smart, smokeless, clean and save upto 80% charcoal consumption by using mostly re-usable magma gocks for cooking.

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Water pumps
Masrcorp Solar also provides solar water Pumps that serve any water needs on any application be it farm, school, or poultry farm. Their services extend to well digging, irrigation systems, etc.

Solar Water Heaters
They also provide solar water heaters that are a proven way of cutting the high electricity bills by up to a third. They are robust, reliable and have zero running costs. They come in a wide range of brands and sizes.

Power Backup Systems
Masrcorp Solar Uganda limited also provides Power Backup systems that ensure you have uninterrupted power throughout the day. They have both hybrid and traditional backup systems.

Community Empowerment
Besides their high quality equipment and services, through working with numerous partners such as VI-Agro, GODFA, ROTARY International and other organisations, the company has been able to empower hundreds of youth and women in Uganda as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

One of Masrcorp Solar engineers at work

Target Market
Although they handle clients of all categories, Masrcorp targets modern home owners, real estate developers and Building and construction engineers, commercial restaurants and institutions, city authorities owned markets, schools.

Masrcorp Solar clean energy based local kitchens use a combination of the abundantly available magma rocks at 70% and Biomass (briquettes, charcoal) at 30%.

For inquiries and more about Masrcorp solar Kitchens, you can reach them on [email protected] or call +256702911911 or +256782343494 / +256703156187 or visit their website:

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