Shocking! Man in Rakai brutally hacks wife and cuts off his genitals

RAKAI – The police in Rakai district are investigating a brutal incident in which a man hacked his wife before turning on himself and chopped off his genitals.

The incident occurred on Tuesday at Kyakasenene village in Kyalurangira at around 5 am.

The couple- Nasiifa Namata, 28, and Bernard Musumba, 32 were admitted in a critical condition at Kyotera Medical Centre.

Namata sustained deep cuts on the head, back of the neck, throat, wrist, and other parts of the body.

Although it seems like a crime of passion, there are no clues to what prompted a husband and loving father to commit such a gruesome act.

According to Namata, her husband was a humble man and has never laid a hand on her for more than 10 years they have been together.

She explained that they had set up a retail shop in Kyakasenene trading centre while Musumba was planning to start a banana business to supplement the family income when the unfortunate incident happened.

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She said Musumba has been depressed for over a month and too reserved.

He told her that he had some problems but he did not want to share with Namata, living her in suspense for some time until the fateful day.

On the fateful night, Musumba woke up and went into the sitting room where he sat for several minutes. Namata followed him and he opened up that he was planning to take his life.

She added that she pleaded with him to change his mind for the good of their children but all fell on deaf ears.

In the process, Musumba pulled out a panga and cut her several times leaving her lying in a pool of blood.

A loud alarm woke their children who found their mother severely bleeding helplessly.

According to Namata, she told her 10-year-old daughter to call for help and she was rescued in time.

However, Musumba went out of the house and stabbed himself several times and later cut off his penis. But residents notified police in the area, which rushed him to the same hospital where his wife was admitted.

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Musumba’s grandmother Pricilla Namikyo is taking care of the couple together with other family members.

Namikyo said Musumba was a humble person who would not hurt his wife at any point. She further attributed it to witchcraft and failure to seek counselling from an expert.

An operation was done as doctors managed to stitch the penis back to its position.

Musumba is still in the Intensive Care Unit.

According to Dr. Ambrose Katwire, the couple is stabilizing from the severe injuries and they are being monitored to ensure they fully recover.

Muhammad Nsubuga, the Masaka Regional Police spokesperson, said they are following up on the matter to establish what promoted Musumba to commit such an act

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