11 Questions A Man Should Never Ask A Woman – Relationship Tips

If there’s one thing that most men eventually learn in life, it’s that sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all. And this lesson is arguably best applied when it comes to asking women certain questions. You may have already realized this the last time you asked a girl how old she was—or worse, how much she weighed. To be clear, we’re not telling you to ramp up the awkward silences.

When it comes to questions you should ask women, you’ll find 11 of them right here. Rather every man should be aware of the questions which will not add any real value to your interactions.

1. Can I kiss you?

It’s generally not a good idea to ask her before going in for the kiss. Assuming you’re on a date and that the circumstances are right, it’s ‘less square’ to just go for it.? Why First off, there are plenty of ways to test the water without vocalizing the request (raise a hand to her cheek and brush her hair out of her face. If she pulls back a bit from your touch, you know the kiss is a no-go).

2. Why won’t you talk to me?

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Post-commitment, this isn’t such a bad question (when posed within the context of you holding masculine frame and checking on her out of a sense of care, responsibility, and boundaries within the relationship—and not out of insecurity). But pre-commitment? Asking this question puts you at serious risk of sounding desperate and clingy—neither of which are attractive masculine traits.

3. I know you’ve got a boyfriend, but can we be friends?

If you truly just want to be friends, then there’s nothing wrong with this question. Yes, it will make you seem less attractive—but if all you want is friendship, then that shouldn’t matter to you anyway. But if you have ulterior motives (i.e. you actually want to sleep with her), then just skip it. Here’s the thing. A high value man doesn’t ask for people to be his friends. He naturally attracts friends by being awesome, likeable, and a winner.

4. How old are you?

This actually isn’t a bad question to ask a woman who looks to be under 25-27, as long as she’s younger than you. But if you ask a 30-40+ year old this question, you may run the risk of making her feel a bit self-conscious. It may be better to let this one sit until you know each other better.

5. How many guys have you been with.

It is very difficult to ask this question because many women do not want to talk about it, especially in the beginning. Also, men will more often condemn the woman if her number is “excessive.”

6. Are you in your period.

One last, the most annoying, especially because it is used to attack you when you walk in a bad mood for some unfortunate situation during the day: “Are you in your periods?” Totally and categorically NO. As said at the beginning, there are hundreds of uncomfortable questions that men should not ask, not only because women find this uncomfortable, but because, even worse, the answers could be catastrophic regarding what you expected to hear.

7. How much do you weigh.

This is worse than before; you can destroy any intention you have with the woman in question or start the relationship very badly. It is most uncomfortable; it is insulting because obese or anorexic or any of these two appreciations is terrible, even if your intention is merely gossip. Forget it; her weight does not interest you, equal, she will never tell you the truth.

8. Do you like me?

Sure this one might be reserved for kids in school but don’t count on it. I’ve known several guys (including me) who did it later in life and it’s NEVER a good thing. Again the tip of the day: Being a more attractive man means you must substitute ALL your weak questions with strong statements.

9. How come you’re still single?

This often “first date” question ruins the mood in seconds AND if you want a second or third date, asking her why she’s still single is NOT a good thing in many ways. First for her having to answer or dodge around the stupid question or reveal to you her inner most thoughts only makes her want to crawl away and hide from you.

10. Do you want to come to my place.

Some guys think this is okay especially when things are going good and it feels like there’s a good chance she’ll have sex with them – but it’s the wording. It’s all wrong. It’s creepy and unnecessary. Besides if a woman believes you can not be clever enough to ask or say it in a different way, chances are you WON’T be getting anything that night.

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11. What was your previous boyfriend like.

This one can make women feel cornered. Previous boyfriends are actually private territory but have got nothing to do with the present relationship. When a woman is hesitant to discuss her previous relationships that doesn’t mean she is hiding something. It only means that she doesn’t want to discuss it. She’ll come around and discuss it at length eventually but, at in her own time. You must give her that space!

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