BIZARRE: Lucky Mbabazi’s ‘sodium’ fart sends Gaetano out of Capital FM studios for an hour!

Lucky Mbabazi and Gaetano Kaggwa dancing in studio (File Photo)

Capital FM presenter Lucky Mbabazi has come out to tell how glad she is finally being able to smell her own fart again following her recovery from deadly COVID-19.

Previously, Mbabazi came out in a video to describe how covid had impred her senses to the extent that she was unable to smell anything adding that even when she ate things like chicken, it would taste like sponge.

That a side now, Lucky in a fresh tweet from her recovery, she says it felt so good (of course for her) that after three weeks she was able to smell her own fart again.

“I just smelt my fart for the first time in 3 weeks. You see for a normal person this sounds disgusting right, but for someone who has just recovered from covid19 and couldn’t smell anything at all,this is a beautiful moment,” she tweeted.

Meanwhile, according to our snoopers at the Kamwokya based station, Mbabazi’s unbearable “had to kick fellow workmate Gaetano out of the studio for a full one hour leaving all bed bugs in studio polluted to death.

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”ehhh!! don’t even joke-the ka girl’s gas is a pure sodium smell….I can’t risk to stay in that studio….let her kill those innocent bed bugs but not me….,” suffocating Gaetano was quoted outside saying after rescuing himself from the polluted studio.

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