NTV’s Patrick Mukasa narrates ordeal of brutal torture in Security drones

NTV Uganda News Anchor Patrick Mukasa (File Photo)

NTV Uganda Luganda news anchor Patrick Mukasa in narration of the ordeal torture by security operatives says he will never forget the day he was arrested and bumped into a waiting drone.

Mukasa through his Twitter handle alleges that he was arrested and tortured by Policemen on 7th July 2021 while on duty at Mpererwe.

The anchor reveals that while he was at Mpererwe taking pictures, Policemen grabbed and forced him into a drone where they tortured him to the extent of sustaining burns on his leg.

“Wednesday 7/7 on my birthday imagine when I was arrested for taking pictures during a police operation at Mpererwe, but I came out bleeding and limping Thank God I am healing. Police torture is real” he said.

Disgruntled Mukasa now says that the Police whose mandate is to protect Ugandans with their property has done more harm than their would-be role in the community.

“The number of people police tortures every day in Uganda, is more than the number police saves from torture every day. I am thinking” Mukasa on his official Twitter account.

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Mukasa who sustained injuries on his leg says he can’t forget the endless torture in such drones being used by security operatives against Ugandans especially the opposition politicians.

“I know what it means being in a drone. I was there for only 3 minutes on. What they used to burn me, God knows” he added.

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