LIST: Top Performing Muslim schools in the 2020 PLE Results

The Uganda Muslim Education Association (UMEA) has released its list of top performing Muslim primary schools as per the recently released 2020 PLE results.

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The Association, fully registered as a Muslim Education Secretariat boasts of having all Muslim-founded schools, colleges, and institutions of higher learning in Uganda as automatic members regardless of registration, government-aided, or private status.

Currently, at least 123 primary schools at the Primary level that subscribe to the Association had candidates sitting for 2020 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE).

The Association registered 544 candidates passing in division one countrywide, with the majority of the students passing with a division 2 (4569), while 1812 were in division 3 and 1463 dropped in the last division (4).

The following shows how UMEA schools performed in Uganda

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PosnSchools In Descending OrderLocationDiv 1Div 2Div 3Div 4
1Kasiika UMEA  P/SGomba792520
2Lukalu UMEA  P/SButambala3691126
3Mpigi UMEA  P/SMpigi209450
4Lugaaga UMEA  P/SGomba125022
5Sseeta UMEA  P/SMukono M/C351532711
6Kambugu UMEA  P/SWakiso63043
7Entebbe UMEA  P/SWakiso1088124
8Kiwango UMEA  P/SMukono M/C33662
9Kituntu UMEA  P/SMpigi161031312
10Namwezi UMEA  P/SNjeru M/C29822713
11Kiteete UMEA  P/SMityana Main06792
12Bukasa UMEA  P/SLuweero21762015
13Kabuyimba UMEA  P/SKassanda01610
14Kanjuki UMEA  P/SKayunga03171
15Masajja UMEA  P/SMakindye222764829
16Nakatooke UMEA  P/SButambala14070
17Maganjo UMEA  P/SNansana M/C342274736
18Kaseenene UMEA  P/SMukono Main660167
19Migeera UMEA  P/SNakasongola241114
20Kazinga UMEA  P/SMukono Main01131
21Kisimba UMEA  P/SBuikwe651284
22Butuntumula UMEA  P/SLuweero11161
23Kiwanga UMEA  P/SMukono M/C111193623
24Bukandula UMEA  P/SGomba24201
25Lugazi UMEA  P/SLugazi M/C138146
26Mugomba UMEA  P/SMukono Main234175
27Kanoni UMEA  P/SGomba05387
28Makulungo UMEA  P/SButambala33733934
29Namagabi UMEA  P/SKayunga639199
30Kyaliwajjala UMEA  P/SKira M/C8722819
31Kyamuganga UMEA  P/SSsembabule32467
32Budde UMEA  P/SButambala15731615
33Naggulu UMEA  P/SWakiso121054025
34Kireka UMEA  P/SKira M/C31072527
35Naama UMEA  P/SMityana M/C11454
36Kabira UMEA  P/SMpigi341159
37Namagoma UMEA  P/SWakiso7904424
38Kabuye UMEA  P/SLuweero025145
39Bujuuko UMEA  P/SMpigi03186
40Kyebando UMEA  P/SWakiso1626410082
41NamayubaUMEA  P/SMukono Main22185
42Mpanga UMEA  P/SButambala224127
43Nabiika UMEA  P/SNakaseke0941
44Kasana UMEA  P/SLuweero2672822
45Lukole UMEA  P/SLuweero3431417
46Namasuba UMEA  P/SMakindye141997376
47Musiitwa UMEA  P/SKayunga3442612
48Luteete UMEA  P/SLuweero035159
49Nsaasi UMEA  P/SLuweero1542518
50Kalule UMEA  P/SLuweero3361818
51Namulaba UMEA  P/SKayunga015125
52Kakooge UMEA  P/SNakasongola110114
53Naminya UMEA  P/SNjeru M/C011123
54Gombe UMEA  P/SButambala1281910
55Bwetyaba UMEA  P/SButambala116114
56Kijjo UMEA  P/SMukono Main1754
57Kigoogwa UMEA  P/SNansana M/C61055548
58Wakiso UMEA  P/SMukono Main016146
59Kirolo UMEA  P/SNansana M/C020138
60Butawuka UMEA  P/SButambala0945
61Tikkalu UMEA  P/SNansana M/C4612938
62Kawoko UMEA  P/SGomba223410
63Kamuli UMEA  P/SKayunga11352529
64Kinoni UMEA  P/SLugazi M/C01297
65Kitagobwa UMEA  P/SButambala016167
66Nsanja UMEA  P/SMpigi01647
67Natteta UMEA  P/SKayunga0242714
68Lutembe UMEA  P/SLuweero011125
69Kalagala UMEA  P/SNjeru M/C01486
70Serumbe UMEA  P/SGomba4511531
71Kyanukuzi UMEA  P/SLuweero11648
72Nabukoteka UMEA  P/SNakasongola0996
73Lwamasaka UMEA  P/SButambala01087
74Mpambire UMEA  P/SMpigi2221819
75Kangulumira UMEA  P/SKayunga3503530
76Namasumbi UMEA  P/SMukono Main1241
77Kamuwanula UMEA  P/SNakasongola0504
78Kikondo UMEA  P/SNjeru M/C0161112
79Tukulu UMEA  P/SBuikwe3492740
80Nakibano UMEA  P/SMukono Main1878
81Nambi UMEA  P/SLuweero01185
82Kasana UMEA  P/SMukono Main01088
83Ntolomwe UMEA  P/SButambala018815
84Kimooli UMEA  P/SKayunga1281725
85Wattuba UMEA  P/SWakiso0393232
86Kidokolo UMEA  P/SBuikwe015914
87Bombo UMEA  P/SLuweero0492940
88Bbanda UMEA  P/SMityana Main11145
89Butende UMEA  P/SButambala1688
90Kyerima UMEA  P/SKayunga012136
91Malwa UMEA  P/SMityana Main011107
92Namanoga UMEA  P/SMukono Main01056
93Kikoota UMEA  P/SMpigi0757
94Ssugu UMEA  P/SBuikwe03113
95Kimenyedde UMEA  P/SMukono Main2111212
96Namakomo UMEA  P/SMukono Main1181213
97Kiswera Mainda UMEA  P/SNakasongola010410
98Nama UMEA  P/SMukono Main0111410
99Kinaabi UMEA  P/SNjeru M/C1112618
100Kimwanyi UMEA  P/SKira M/C010811
101Wattuba UMEA  P/SLuweero0757
102Kisigula UMEA  P/SGomba01783
103Nkokonjeru UMEA  P/SBuikwe07910
104Lweru UMEA  P/SBuikwe011811
105Kibibi UMEA  P/SButambala2131011
106Ddegeya UMEA  P/SGomba016512
107Namizo UMEA  P/SKayunga03114
108Mbaliga UMEA  P/SMityana M/C04108
109Ggulwe UMEA  P/SMityana Main04106
110Bwebukya UMEA  P/SButambala0265
111Katooke UMEA  P/SNakaseke05911
112Nalweweta UMEA  P/SLuweero0255
113Nakinyama UMEA  P/SNakasongola1857
114Kyerima UMEA  P/SButambala0572
115Lukyamuzi UMEA  P/SNakaseke03107
116Kiwaala UMEA  P/SButambala0989
117Bugolo UMEA  P/SNjeru M/C0101315
118Mpumudde UMEA  P/SMityana Main0325
119Bunyenye UMEA  P/SButambala06810
120Nakalanga UMEA  P/SNjeru M/C04912
121Kitimbwa UMEA  P/SKayunga0165
122Nsozibirye UMEA  P/SButambala0253
123Bukujju UMEA  P/SKayunga0428

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