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17-year-old electrocuted to death as he starts work at a kiosk

Police taking the body to the Mortuary (Photo: Simon Peter Isabirye)

JINJA, UGANDA: Police in Iganga has started investigations into the death of a 17-year-old boy who was electrocuted early morning on Friday.

The incident occurred along Iganga old market street in Nkono central, Northern division in Iganga Municipality.

The deceased was identified as Kiriba Swabiru, a son to a one Kiriba, a resident of Buwolomera village, Nawaningi sub- county in Iganga district.

Speaking to Daily Express, one of the Eyewitnesses, Musobya Badiru alias Muliliranamba says that the incident occurred at around 8am when the deceased had reported to work at a kiosk dealing in drinks and snacks.

He said that the metalic kiosk belongs to Fatumah Namusobya but didn’t reveals the owner of the business in the kiosk, who employed Kiriba Swabiru [now deceased] and said that the deceased was mopping before meeting his fate.

”It was today morning when the boy had reported at work, and was mopping in the kiosk before he died after an electric shock. It’s like the refrigerator was directly connected to an electric wire which comes from the main house,” Musobya said adding that the one who responded and tried to give help nearly lost his life.

Local who were at the scene looking at the body lying lifeless (Photo: Simon Peter Isabirye)

Bamulesewa George Wickliffe, another witness said that the business started operating a day back and Kiriba had reported for the second day. He attached the incident to poor electricity wiring.

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”The deceased started operating in that kiosk yesterday but I attach the incident to poor wiring since electricity was looped from the main house,” Bamulesewa said.


Musobya Ali, who tried to give help says that he rushed to the scene and found the boy lying down and screaming for help.

”I was at home and immediately rushed to the scene after getting information and found the boy screaming for help. I touched the metalic guards on the refrigerator and I experienced an electric shock, which I survived after shouting for help, and I had to hit the wire which brings power to the box from the main house,” Musobya Ali said.

A team of police detectives inspecting the scene (Photo: Simon Peter Isabirye)

Chairperson LC 1 Nkono central, Mr Nantatya Majidu, said that the deceased was mopping the floor before the unfortunate incident.He advised kiosks owners to always use professional electricians to avoid such horrible incidents.

”The deceased started working in that kiosk yesterday and it’s very unfortunate that he has lost his Life. I call upon all people with kiosks to use people who understands wiring such that we can avoid such deaths,” Mr Nantatya said.

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Busoga East police spokesperson, Ms Diana Nandawula, say that police has started investigations into the matter. ”We have started investigations into the death of the boy who was electrocuted today morning in Nkono central, Iganga Municipality,” Nandawula said.

She [Ms Nandawula] said that preliminary findings indicates that the business was a day old citing that the electric wiring was also doubtable. She added that the business was started by the deceased’s father to cater for his son before schools are reopened.

”It’s alleged that the business was started by his father who employed his son Kiriba Swabiru. The business wasn’t many days old and electric wiring was a matter of concern since they seem not to have involved good electricians,” she added.

Meanwhile, Ms Nandawula urged the general public to always involve professional electricians during wiring and also advised them to emphasize checking whether the wiring was done the better way, before using it.

The body was since taken to Iganga general hospital Mortuary for postmortem before it could be handed to relatives for burial arrangements.

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