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Uganda loses sh10 trillion in corruption annually – IGG Beti Kamya

IGG Beti Kamya

KAMPALA, UGANDA: The Inspector-General of Government (IGG), Beti Kamya has noted that Uganda loses sh10 trillion per year due to corruption. This is without mentioning the hours wasted by public servants who abscond from duty.

According to Kamya, out of the shs30 trillion collected in taxes, half is shared among nearly 200 people.

These remarks were made in the revelation of how corruption syndicate starts at the top offices, where money is disbursed to the lower ones.

Kamya made the remarks last week during a three-day induction meeting of the newly elected councilors of Entebbe municipality.

“They send it in with instructions that the implementing officer returns a given percentage of the money. This has given birth to many incidences of shoddy work in the country as the implementing officers struggle to cover up for the kickbacks returned to higher officers,” she said.

“They then request you to withdraw and return the money in cash, hence taking the money without accountability,” the IGG added.

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She noted that some councilors blackmail contractors into corruption with threats of opposing their contracts. She added that some officials send money to people’s accounts and later claim it was a system error.

According to the IGG, the public ought to be recruited in the corruption war. She however maintains that going forward, those engaged in the vice ought o first be unmasked.

Source: Matooke Republic

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