NUWAGABA FELEX: Skills to mask the generation gap

youths in a carpentry workship - this is one of the practical skills that addresses the scourge of unemployment among the young population

OPINION: Before Every institution and enterprise in Uganda would wish to give opportunities to personnel with imported degree’s, master’s on concepts but with the current and future generation to survive, One shall be required to have attained a hands-on so as to mask the occupational benefits and to make our own community self sustained economically.

With uncertainties like covid 19,  skilled people won’t feel much affected because they get enough time to be more creative and innovative with a constant flow of bread on the table.

I am a supervisor and a draftsman at basic living woodworks limited Mbarara, I am using my drawing skills which helps me to know the right materials for a product and give a client prior insight into a product’s look even before production.

With these skills, it eases costings which reduces overestimation and underestimation that may chase away clients or lead to a loss in the business respectively.

So I have discovered that individuals with skills have managed to sustain themselves, communities, and the land at large with reduced employment risks due to their well-equipped psychomotor, affective, and cognitive domains which shall sustain their future.


So let’s embrace the government’s call through its programs like the Uganda Skills Development Project (USDP) that focus on skilling Ugandans which denotes a paradigm shift for skills development to have future security.

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