NUWAGABA FELEX: Will Practical Skills Enhancement Dissolve X and Y in 2022?

This photo was taken from Rutenga vocational training institute in kunungu during practical exams (Credit: Felex Nuwagaba)

Learning from known to unknown will make a permanent behavioral change for self-reliance from now.
Automatically no more unemployment stress, insults, oppression, and exploitation from appreciating the acquisition and improving practical skills.

Uganda Skills Development Project ( USDP) and Enabel from  Belgium to mention but a few, are supporting the design of the initial set of reforms that will set the foundation for transforming skills development and helping youngsters acquire the skills they need to be employed respectively in the country.

The X and Y solution is the acquisition of construction, manufacturing, and agriculture skills which requires high competency and skilled providers to match the required expectation of every demand.

Business and Technical vocational Education and training (BTVET) in Uganda is ensuring that individuals and enterprises acquire the skills needed which raises productivity and income.

In the process, the body does an assessment for everyone who is undergoing skills acquisition on every level for non-formal, informal, and formal training.

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In the recently concluded UBTEB examinations, I was posted in some vocational training institute in Kanungu district for practical assessment and the exercise was interesting though a few students access the training and less delivery to the required standards as demanded by the surroundings.

Challenges are as a result of insufficient staff, training materials and poor mindest towards vocational training in the society which can be calmed down by the government’s active support that will motivate everyone to acquire some skill which will eliminate unknowns with effect from now and modern slavery through appreciation of skills acquisition that will mask the generation gap.

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