CASSIAN OMONGOT: Life in Leadership

Mentorship is very fundamental in leadership. Leader, what do you stand for? The word ‘leader’ should not only make a lot of sense when you happen to be one.

Author; Sem Cassian Omongot

In the strictest sense, leadership is an indispensable aspect of human living. It concerns much with how people are governed in a given society or nation. It involves influence and it is not independent in itself. This means that it must occur in a group context in order to attain the “Summum Bonum”-the highest good.

Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. Herein, a leader affects and is affected by followers. It is not a linear, one-way event but rather an interactive event and it significantly becomes available to everyone, not restricted to only the formally designated leader in the group.

Leadership without influence does not exist, and so, it is an element which is a sine qua non”. This entails it having individuals moving towards a goal. Leaders and followers are involved together. Leaders need followers and followers need leaders, although leaders and followers are closely linked, it is the leader who often initiates the relationship, creates the communication linkages, and carries the burden for maintaining the relationship.

However, life is not all about what one has seen but rather what one has experienced. It may be thoughts or ideas. Life is just like playing cards, and so it is a deliberate choice to make a right move with your master card. There are three kinds of people in every community; “Mr. Good”, “Mr. Bad” and “Mr. Passive”. The people in the category of “Mr. Good” will always see positive things about you. They are optimistic and encouraging. They appreciate every little effort you put in any venture. They give you hope when you are hopeless. They help you rise up when you have fallen. These are very few in society.

The people in the category of “Mr. Bad” are just contrary to “Mr. Good”. They see only negative things about you. They will tell you that you cannot make it in life. They are always afraid to try and fear that you will succeed and surpass them. These are very many and they oppose and critic almost everything you may intend to implement. The people in the category of “Mr. Passive” are ‘care free’ people. They are less concerned with what is happening around them. They don’t react to anything either good or bad. They are just like observers. 

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In leadership, you need all these kinds of people because they will have something to contribute to you as a leader and society in general. Mr. Good will help you to move from where you are to where you ought to be. They encourage and motivate you to reach greater heights. Mr. Bad will help you understand that you must tread carefully in whatever you do. Mr. Passive will teach you that you have to be neutral. Leadership requires an outstanding moral standard, values and ethics. There is need for empathy and transparency to the people you lead.

A democratic leader is accountable to the people he/she leads. On that note, there is need for support to reach your goal. Mentorship is very fundamental in leadership. Leader, what do you stand for? The word ‘leader’ should not only make a lot of sense when you happen to be one. Figure it now! Go to the people. Live among the people. Learn from them, love them. Start with what they know. Build on it. But of the best leaders, when their task is accomplished, their work is done. The people will remark, we have done it ourselves.

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