Understanding the future impact of Partnerships on improving Communities in Uganda’s Health Sector

For some of the different global health problems, there is a need to have a partnership structure between the different institutions as well as governments.

Author: Wejuli Junior Mike

How can we solve problems that are not actually happening in our context but will soon surface in our areas? The main answer is through partnerships.

The partnership is mainly a model of bringing together a set of different individuals, an organization both government and non-government so that health and social problem is addressed. These are important as they enable actions on the determinants of health which is important in addressing inequities. This then means it goes beyond just a particular class, country, or group managing their issues but also including others in the process. This is addressed in SDG 17 which states that Strengthening the means of implementation and revitalizing the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development. 

As it has always been said, the world today has become a global village whereby problems in one country could be shared in another. A clear example is the climate change issues whereby much as it’s the developed countries that have mainly contributed to the loss of vegetation through the different human activities, Africa as a continent experience some effects from this and much as the African continent is attached to a lot of communicable diseases, the Developed countries also face the effects of this. Hence the only way to stop these problems is through partnering together.

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a high spread from country to country. This meant that even when a particular country was able to manage the outbreak, travels would still create a means of spreading. Thus, vaccination was introduced where developed countries partnered with the low and middle-income countries by providing the vaccines as well as COVID prevention Personal protective equipment like gloves, facemasks, and sanitizers. This in a way has reduced the spread of the pandemic and over time the different countries have gone back to normal. This is a good example that explains the power of partnership in managing African health issues. 

Importance of Partnership in managing health problems in Uganda.

Resources the contribution and shared utilization of information, financial, human, and technical resources. The new freedoms to pool budgets and to provide integrated services for example between the Ministry of Health and local authority services can remove some of the traditional barriers to joint working.

Learning and development – effective partnerships will not only invest in shared objectives and joint outcomes but will also add value through secondments and other opportunities to share learning and contribute to professional and organizational development in partner organizations. Willingness to listen and learn from each other builds trust

Leadership and vision are the management and development of a shared, realistic vision for the partnership’s work through the creation of common goals. Effective leadership is demonstrated by influencing, communicating with, and motivating others so that responsibility for decision-making is shared between partners

Therefore, for some of the different global health problems, there is a need to have a partnership structure between the different institutions as well as governments.

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