LIST: Projects likely to be affected by World Bank’s decision to halt loans to Uganda

Following the decision by the World Bank to suspend loan requests to Uganda over the country’s adoption of the Anti-LGBTQi law, a list of government projects that have been benefiting from the funding to Uganda by the international money lender is likely elsewhere for money or stall in terms of progress.

This article first published by PearlTimes, looks at the list of those projects that will be affected by the decision of the World Bank, and how much funding the projects were getting off the share of a little over $5bn.

The local publication reported yesterday (Thursday) how a hefty amount of money in figures of over $1.1bn or 21 per cent meant for urban development will no longer be available.

And this is not all, a whole lot of other projects especially meant for the development of urban centres and as well as land management issues will also face the wrath resulting from the decision by the World Bank.

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Additionally, it is estimated that up to $832m or about 16 per cent which was for interventions in the energy sector and extractives will be no more, while $520m or 10 per cent for governance issues; and $468m or nine per cent was for water projects are also affected.

This publication further learnt that a total of $416m or about eight per cent of the funding was for projects meant to spur competitiveness and innovation as well as other Finance Ministry intervention; while about the same amount, $416m, was for social sustainability and inclusion.

Approximately $364 million, constituting roughly six percent of the total World Bank portfolio dedicated to Uganda, will not be allocated to projects focused on health, nutrition, and population.

The education sector will also experience a shortfall of $208 million, equivalent to four percent of the overall World Bank funding. Similarly, funding of $208 million each will be absent from agriculture and food projects, along with digital development endeavors.

Further, projects premised on environment, natural resources, and the blue economy will also encounter a lack of essential World Bank funding, amounting to $156 million, comprising three percent of the allocated portfolio for Uganda.

Below are projects likely to be affected by the World Bank’s suspension of loans to Uganda

  1. Urban development, resilience of cities, urban centres and land management issues: $1.1bn
  2. Energy sector and extractives: $832m
  3. Governance issues: $520m
  4. Water projects: $468m
  5. Finance, competitiveness and innovations: $416m
  6. Social sustainability and inclusion: $416m
  7. Transport projects: $364m
  8. Health, nutrition and population: $364m
  9. Education: $208m
  10. Agriculture and food projects: $208m
  11. Digital development efforts: $208m
  12. Environment, natural resources and the blue economy:  $156m

Government yesterday revealed that it is considering the revision of the recently passed National Budget, which might include cutting salaries of all public servants in the aftermath of the halted funding.

According to Hon Henry Musasizi, the Junior Minister of Finance, the entire budget is going to be revised and the Parliament’s Committee of Finance has convened to discuss the decision by the World Bank to suspend funding over the anti-gay law.

“We took the firm decision and we agreed that we shall face the consequences. We shall be coming soon. I want to prepare your minds that very soon we are going to revise the budget downwards and we shall be coming to you for support,” said Minister Musasizi.

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“Even the emoluments are going to be affected given the preliminary we are seeing. We shall be coming in one week or so, to tell you the consequences and ask for your approval on how we shall move forward in the current challenges.”

Salary cuts will see many who had got wage increments such as science teachers, scientists, senior UPDF officers, and prosecutors whose salaries were increased in the previous financial year.

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