Uganda’s Sina Tsegazeab bags prestigious AOP Award for role in beauty and wellness

Sina Tsegazeab (R) display her accolade at the AOP Awards 2023 ceremony in Nairobi, Kenya (Photo/Handout)

Nairobi, (KE): Ms Sina Tsegazeab, an accomplished entrepreneur and founder of Natna Hair in Kampala, Uganda, has been recognized with the prestigious African Outstanding Professionals (AOP) Award for her role in beauty and wellness on the continent.

Ms Sina was awarded at the 2nd edition of the awards ceremony that took place at The Concord Hotel & Suites in Nairobi, Kenya organized by The Business Executive Media Group over the weekend.

At the event, distinguished professionals, industry leaders, and stakeholders from across the continent converged to celebrate Sina’s remarkable achievements. 

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The African Outstanding Professionals Award, initiated by The Business Executive Media Group with its roots in Accra, Ghana, seeks to identify and acknowledge individuals who have displayed excellence and prowess in various fields. This recognition transcends borders, encompassing both indigenous Africans and foreign nationals who have significantly contributed to the socio-economic growth and development of the continent. 

Who is Sina Tsegazeab?

Sina Tsegazeab, an Eritrean Ugandan entrepreneur and one of the masterminds behind Natna Hair (http://natnahair.com), holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Diploma in Marketing.

In 2015, Sina embarked on a remarkable journey by founding Natna Hair, recognizing a market void for superior-quality human hair. Over the years, she has expanded its operations to 13 countries, including the United Kingdom, Belgium, the United States of America, and Dubai. 

Ms Sina Tsegazeab makes her speech at the AOP Awards in Nairobi, Kenya (Photo/Handout)

What Sina Says About Natna Hair

Sina’s vision for Natna Hair extends beyond delivering exceptional products. She is committed to keeping Natna Hair at the forefront of trends and technologies. The recent introduction of nourishing shampoo and revitalizing spray demonstrates her dedication to promoting holistic wellness for hair. Natna Hair is more than just a brand; it’s a movement, representing authenticity and natural beauty. 

Changing the Narrative in Beauty and Wellness

The beauty and wellness industry often perpetuates unrealistic beauty standards and relies heavily on synthetic products. Sina recognized the need for change. Natna Hair offers a refreshing alternative with its range of human hair services, including wigs as lusciously curly as goddesses. It stands as a beacon of natural beauty in a world where superficiality often prevails. 

Connecting with Natna Hair

Sina’s dedication to organic wellness extends to her customers. You can easily connect with Natna Hair through their website and social media platforms. Explore their collection of wigs and accessories, designed to empower individuals to embrace their natural beauty. Whether you reside in Nairobi, Accra, or anywhere in the world, Natna Hair delivers excellence right to your doorstep. 

Sina Tsegazeab in group photo with other winners of the night at the AOP Awards 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya

What Sets Sina Apart

Sina’s commitment to authenticity and her team’s tireless dedication have led to the recognition she received at AFROPA. She and her team are rewriting the rules and embracing natural beauty as the new standard. Her message to clients across East Africa and beyond is one of gratitude for their unwavering support. She believes in her clients, and they believe in her. 

As Sina aptly puts it, “Honored to receive the Africa Outstanding Professionals Award (AFROPA) from the Business Executives in Accra, Ghana, for @natna_hair_ brand at the Concord Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. This recognition reminds me of a journey my incredible team undertakes to continue bringing excellence to the lifestyle industry. As we introduce new products; nourishing shampoo and revitalizing spray, we stay immensely grateful to our clients across East Africa for believing in us. #AwardWinningHairBrand #ExcellenceInBeauty #HairIsNecessity” 

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Sina and Natna Hair are pioneers in the quest for a more organic and authentic beauty and wellness industry. Their journey, marked by recognition and innovation, serves as an inspiring story for all. It’s time to join the movement, embrace your natural beauty, and experience the excellence that Sina and Natna Hair bring to the world. Be inspired, be authentic, be you. 

Present at the award ceremony were notable figures such as Antony Buluma, President of the Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association; Ruth Muene, a Communications Expert working with the office of the Kenyan President; Atong Amos of Triple-A Petroleum in South Sudan, among others.

Their presence added grandeur to the occasion and highlighted the significance of Sina Tsegazeab’s achievement.

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