New FDC Youth League leaders urged to empower youths, nurture party values

The FDC National Youth League Executive on Sunday convened their inaugural meeting as the incoming leaders engaged with their predecessors, exchanging insights and formulating strategies to guide the league in championing Democracy, empowering the youth, and nurturing political awareness and party’s values.

The FDC youth League stands as a vital force propelling the party forward, injecting fresh energy and commitment into the ongoing struggle for Democracy in Uganda

Under the able leadership of Mr. Adepo Francis, the newly elected leaders are poised to steer the FDC National Youth League towards advancing the party’s goals and empowering the younger generation.

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In the meeting, the youth leaders presented detailed strategies for guiding the FDC in its efforts to assume power from the current regime.

These strategies likely encompassed grassroots mobilization, community engagement, and targeted outreach programs to broaden the party’s support base.

Additionally, the former leadership imparted valuable advice to the new leaders, emphasizing the importance of embracing the FDC Leadership Academy.

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This academy serves as a crucial institution within the party, dedicated to the cultivation and training of emerging leaders.

The encouragement to utilize this resource underscores the party’s commitment to fostering a well-prepared and capable cadre of leaders to advance its goals and ideals.

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