NRM District Chairpersons vow to reclaim party support in Buganda region

ONC Manager, Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo in a group photo with the various NRM District Chairperson after the meeting on Wendesday, November 15, 2023 (Photo/Handout)

Kampala, (UG): The National Resistance Movement (NRM) District Chairperson in Buganda central region have vowed to work together in mobilising the electorate to vote for President Museveni and the ruling in the 2026 general elections.

The NRM Chairpersons said this on Wednesday during a high-level meeting with the Senior Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs; Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo who also doubles as the Chief Muzzukulu and National Coordinator at the Office of the National Chairman (ONC).

During the meeting held at ONC offices in Kyambogo, the proud NRM leaders commended Namyalo for her wise leadership and instituting coordinators at regional and district levels, revealing that this has revived the NRM publicity that had started perishing, especially in Buganda.

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”We are sure that in 2026 we shall scoop all votes in Buganda, you have done a tremendous job because now everyone knows what ONC does previously people didn’t know that there is something called ONC, thanks for being a workaholic Muzzukulu and we are sure even Museveni must be appreciating your sacrifice and handwork,” the chairpersons said in awe of Namyalo’s efforts.

The district leaders however reported to Namyalo that for long they have been ‘crying’ for vehicles to ease their job of hunting for Museveni’s support but also monitoring government programs and service delivery to the wanainchi.

In response to this, Ms Namyalo wondered how this was the issue given the fact that money for the vehicles of chairpersons was released a long time ago, she however promised to follow up on the matter and have their issues sorted.

The ONC Boss also hailed the NRM Chairpersons for the mighty works they are doing for the ruling party and its Chairman and further encouraged them to work with the ONC coordinators to ensure that Museveni re-captures Buganda which was swept away by the political waves of opposition.

Namyalo emphasized that as the ONC Manager, her target is to see the party chairman and ‘grandfather’ Jajja Kaguta Museveni back on the ballot come 2026 something that thrilled these chairpersons and assured her that they are behind her to achieve this.

”Hajjat we shall surely work with you because we see you are on track, and you are not shaken by the negative wind of enemies, NRM surely needs people like you who stay committed and very loyal to our President. We have now found a new home because we can’t hide this, at Secretariat they do their own things without involving us and that’s why we have now decided to come and work with you,” added the Chairpersons.

Statistics from the previous elections indicate that voters in districts that make up Buganda or the Central region (Kampala inclusive) have constantly been voting more for NRM’s Museveni than any other candidate.

To illustrate this, in the 2001, 2006 and 2011 elections, the opposition whose candidate was Dr Kiiza Besigye, was only able to win one district; Kampala, in each of those elections.

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In 2016, with the opposition’s performance against Museveni improving, Besigye was only able to win three districts; Wakiso, Masaka and of course Kampala with 59.97 percent, 50.69 percent and 65.93 percent respectively, of the votes cast.

In the 2021 elections, the battle for the heart and soul of Buganda was won by National Unity Platform (NUP) candidate, Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu, something NRM chairpersons with Namyalo feel shouldn’t happen again in 2026.

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