Victoria University partners with Global conservationist Arturo to establish world-class conservation centre

Global Conservationist Arturo Islas Allende in a group photo with Victoria University Staff after the launch of the groundbreaking partnership (Photo/DailyExpress)

Kampala, (UG): In a groundbreaking move aimed at bolstering Uganda’s conservation efforts, Victoria University has joined forces with renowned global conservationist and media influencer, Arturo Islas Allende, to create a world-class environmental and conservation centre in the country.

Dubbed the ‘Arturo Islas Allende Environment and Conservation Centre’, the partnership between the two parties marks a pivotal moment in higher education, marrying academia with environmental advocacy for the preservation of Uganda’s rich biodiversity.

Arturo Islas Allende, famed for his dedication to environmental causes, returns to Uganda for the second time, sponsored by ‘Black to the Source Tours.’ His commitment to global initiatives against environmental degradation and animal abuse aligns seamlessly with Victoria University’s mission to address pressing ecological challenges.

Often hailed as the “Pearl of Africa” for its diverse ecosystems and unique natural wonders, Uganda faces formidable challenges such as habitat degradation and species loss. Acknowledging the urgency of these issues, Victoria University has taken a bold step by establishing the Arturo Islas Allende Environment and Conservation Center.

Despite Uganda’s commitment to international conventions, resource limitations hinder the effective implementation of environmental laws and policies. The new centre aims to bridge this gap by integrating conservation education into academic programs and fostering international student exchange, innovation, training projects, and community support.

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Victoria University recognizes its responsibility extends beyond traditional teaching. The centre’s primary role will involve creating and disseminating knowledge, and ensuring conservation education is seamlessly integrated into all academic programs.

The centre will not only engage in international student exchange programs, innovation, training projects, and community support to protect Uganda’s beauty but will also play a crucial role in collecting ecological data to identify trends in biodiversity exploitation and overexploitation.

Through active engagement in research, Victoria University students and staff will contribute to the effective utilization of this knowledge.

To ensure a lasting impact, the centre plans to find new markets for sustainably produced natural products by students. This initiative not only promotes sustainability but also addresses youth unemployment in Uganda, fostering economic independence.

Prof Lawrence Muganga, the Vice Chancellor of Victoria University, highlighted Arturo’s importance to higher education institutions like VU, emphasizing the need to showcase Uganda on the world map. He commended Arturo’s expertise and envisaged collaborations on wildlife documentaries that could elevate Uganda’s global visibility.

Muganga urged Ugandans to shift their mindset from asking what the government can do for them to what they can do for their country. He emphasized the importance of utilizing resources effectively and announced upcoming collaborations with Arturo on wildlife documentaries, showcasing Uganda’s diverse animal species on global platforms.

The VC also emphasized the potential economic benefits of Arturo’s influence, anticipating increased tourist numbers and acknowledged tourism as Uganda’s leading foreign exchange earner. He therefore called for a positive portrayal of the country’s image on the global stage.

In his remarks, Arturo expressed his desire to bridge the gap between entertainment and environmental advocacy. He stressed the importance of training people in wildlife conservation and creating captivating content about Uganda’s nature to attract a global audience.

Arturo lamented the fact that international visitors often appreciate Uganda’s natural beauty more than the locals due to financial constraints. He emphasized the need to showcase Uganda’s nature globally and vowed to share his knowledge about content creation and conservation.

The partnership between Victoria University and Arturo Islas Allende signifies a collaborative vision for conservation and education. The establishment of the Arturo Islas Allende Environment and Conservation Center reflects a commitment to shaping a sustainable future and placing Uganda prominently on the global stage.

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The coming together of academia and environmental advocacy holds promise for both conservation efforts and the educational landscape in Uganda.

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