EDRINE BENESA: Dear Bobi, No one is twisting your BBC interview, we got your message clearly

By Edrine Benesa

Mr Robert Kyahukanyi Ssentamu, alias Bobi Wine’s double loyalty on the issue of same-sex relationships is beginning to seem like it could become a very costly tactic in an attempt to tool both the pro-gay West And Ugandans.

By now, the tongue twists in Mr Robert Kyagulanyi’s talk on the very sensitive subject of homosexuality should give any sane person, anywhere on this planet, the reason to precisely tell where his loyalty falls.

Relics in a song written over a decade ago – ” Burn Dem” served as a beacon of hope for the crowds that followed him religiously as a top musician back then that he had the balls to stand by them on morality regardless of the risks involved.

The move resulted in a ten-year ban in England. The silence in the process of legislating a law to stem the spread of the voice by Wine was more revealing than not especially after stepping forward as a presidential hopeful.

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President Museveni Yoweri Kaguta- the man whose leadership Bobi Wine claims to aim at cutting short has since emerged as a popular hero for standing tall against the West in purifying this Godly country from the threat of destruction by possible divine fury, even when his power is at risk from the West who are hell-bent on promoting the vice against the native culture.

A fortnight ago, the long much-anticipated trip to the former colonial masters duly served to expose the true colours of the singer cum opposition man. Without mincing words, he claimed to be a changed man from a decade ago when his views on homosexuality resonated with the general public. ents in Uganda. While castigating President Museveni who he had routinely made a scapegoat for his misfires, Wine didn’t spare his allies in the opposition including Members of Parliament.his NUP party. These, the majority of whom openly backed the bid to pass the anti-homosexuality bill into law earlier this year, he said could be working with President Museveni and his government to undermine his administration. 

Whereas we can debate the truth in these blatant submissions, one fact that remains indisputable is that Wine has already made his position on same-sex relationships known.

In London, in an interview with BBC, he was just cementing what we already knew. It was, thus, not bound to surprise anyone that he would sanitize himself before an anxious mass of viable funders who strictly wanted to hear him pronounce himself on the vice in the affirmative. Unaware of the repercussions back home, or intentionally choosing an ” I don’t care attitude”  the man dreaming of being President for a country whose motto is ” For God and my Country” opted to choose his once in ten years address to the World to sanitize an act treated as an abomination. As if this wasn’t shocking enough, he also branded whoever doesn’t think likewise and branded them allies to the government he said passed the law curtailing such as his enemies. This has regrettably sent him clashing with former allies and foes alike, prominently, Bugiri Municipality MP, Hajji Asuman Basalirwa.

Supposedly sensing the backlash the stormy interview was likely going to attract back home, Wine returned to the five-star hotel his hosts had paid for and picked a pen to design relics to use to calm his angry followers once he returned home. The song hit the airwaves and social media in barely one week after his return. In the song ” Man and Woman,” Wine seems to try so hard to show his real loyalty falls on the side of the masses. In the relics, I have keenly listened to them so I wouldn’t be speaking on hearsay.

Away from the song which to some extent succeeded in resurrecting the life of characteristically combative fanatics on social media who had by now become so quiet like a graveyard. Some even hailed the man whose public relations the world has come to conclude it’s impaired, as a tactical genius for knowing what to speak in London and twisting the same while in Uganda.

Unexpectedly, the Ghetto gladiator faced numerous camera lenses at his party headquarters and courageously lamented how he had been quoted out of context on homosexuality.

Wait. And that wasn’t all. He then accused ‘ regime propagandists of “twisting my message to suit their agendas” without necessarily specifying what had been twisted out of his erroneous response on the subject in London.

Mr Wine should swallow a humble pie and accept his choices on the war this country is currently engaged in on morality without necessarily tiring himself of finding scapegoats always. We have been into this for way too long that the public can ably identify who is for them and who is against them. He shouldn’t try to have a came he has already eaten because it will continue exposing him as a dishonest man instead.

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On the issue of publicly exposing his allies in parliament as the Museveni regime collaborators, we shall return to address it. Let’s hope it doesn’t result in a crisis that could spark a mass exodus of leaders and splinters.

The author is the deputy Resident City Commissioner for Soroti East Division, Soroti City.

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