People who are always quiet have these 4 things in common; Are You Among Them?

People often make the mistake of judging others wrongly, especially with regard to their quiet nature. They interpret their nature to mean that they are either dumb or unintelligent. And some unashamedly make the mistake of trying to force them to live on the contrary.

This article is tasked with unravelling some profound qualities that people who do not talk have. However, these qualities are not all-encompassing because it’s not everybody that doesn’t talk has something upstairs. On account of that, let’s carefully note the following points;

1. People who seldom talk are unusually idealistic; they plan very well and can be depended upon to solve problems. The concept of “always say less than necessary” which is encapsulated as one of the laws in Robert Greene’s 48 Laws Of Power finds expression in the persona behind their personality. Do you want to see wonders? Just engage them in a conversation and watch who stays at the receiving side of the talk.

2. People who rarely talk are faithful friends. Your private life is safe with them (please I didn’t say you should throw your whole self to them) but they can keep your secrets secret. They study people a lot, they keep quiet in the presence of bad people but get talking (like run their mouths) before their close friends. However, if you are like me (the-busy-bodies), a wise man calls us “the extroverts”, never play with any of your friends who appears introverted before others but talks freely like a talkative with you. Such a one loves, cherishes and feels safe with you.

3. People who are quiet can be kind to a fault and mean to a fault. Some of them have a heart concealed behind the spine. They rarely show their real colour or the other side of their lives but cut them where it hurts most, and you’re neck deep into their mess.

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4. Quiet people are not foolish but the world we live in today mistakes their disciplined lifestyle for timidity and lack of exposure. Ours is a generation of men and women who think of courtesy and cautious people as weaklings. However, they would know better the day they arrogantly step on their toes. Their story would be likened to that of the proverbial frog who got to know that there are two kinds of water the day it jumped with both feet into a woman’s pot of soup.

5. Quiet people do not believe in showmanship, they don’t show off to prove a point. The English truism that action speaks louder than voice was probably derived from their seasoned lifestyle. You may be wondering about how can one get to know what they can offer, just engage them, strike a conversation, make friends with them and be real.

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6. And finally, this is how our article would end; people who don’t talk too much have an excellent command of their intellect and they articulate their thoughts properly, borrow a leaf from their ideology and your best life begins.

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