Learn to Value what you hold!

By Alibawa Saire

Learn to value what you have at hand, learn to embrace what you have currently, many of us fail to realise that we are holding something great, we fail to realise that what we have is beyond a blessing, we also fail to see the good in it, why does man always dream of things that are out of reach?? It’s good to dream, very ok, but all dreams start small, they start with aplan, we build dreams, we don’t just land on them from the blue.

From the Bible we see Musa bearing a stick, he is meant to use it for a certain purpose that he doesn’t know, God chooses to send him to deliver the Israelites from Egypt, covered with fear,Musa claims he cannot go there, he tells the Lord that he doesn’t have that power, he freaks out. But the Lord tells him, he actually asks him! “What are you holding”? Musa replies, “a stick”. Yes the Lord tells him ,what you’re holding is not just a stick, it’s a power filled stick, use it and strike the sea, it will spread wide open and out of faith,Musa obeys!!

So what does this mean to you! What do you learn from this story, What does Musa’s reaction tell you! Are you such a pagan that you can’t see and utilise the strength with in you? What are you waiting for to realise the power with in you?

You have been looking for jobs on the streets of Kampala for over 5 years, you have not succeeded, but you forget that back home, your father has over 10 idle acres of land! So what are you holding? Don’t you think there’s a blessing your trying to look down on! Go back and invest in that farm land, you will grow bigger and better!

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Tomorrow you have a job interview but you are full of the “what if” ideology! So what does it mean? Don’t forget that you are holding a power that can do all tasks lying ahead, prepare yourself and face the interviews, don’t compare yourself with the rest, it’s you against them, not them against you! Realise that you have the potential to accomplish all tasks ahead of you.

You wanna get married but you have the “what if” mindset, you keep asking yourself, what if I don’t give birth? Why do you let negativity take over you! You should realise that you are fruitful ,God never made you to be barren! Go get married and bear children. Sometimes you cause a storm for yourself and fail to accommodate the down pour! Always look out for the sunshine bigtime.

Time comes and you wanna build a house but still you have that “what if” attitude! Get to work and start planning your construction, never think of what if I fail to complete, never, that shouldn’t be you! Realise that you have that ability to do all things with faith, every step starts with one count and all steps count.

Yes many times you will encounter challenges, will you just pull out when you get sick! Will you just pull out when you miss a flight! Will you just pull out when business doesn’t work out good! Will you just pull out when you fail to excel academically yet you involved alot of effort! Will you just pull out just because your work mates hate you! Will you just pull out just because your current job is so stressful! Will you just pull out just because everybody judges you falsely! Am asking will you just pull out just because you cannot afford three meals a day? You should realise that you posses what no other person possesses, it lies with in you! Build up your faith and attack all challenges with prayer. And remember you have to do and work on that plan, prayer and doing go hand in hand, don’t expect to gain everything without putting in some labour, work hard and pray hard!

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If you fail to value what you hold, then what you hold will value you as clueless and brainless..am not abusing you, am showing you your worth.Small things that we under look matter most,they are the strongest pillars for you to lay a platform.

What you have at hand is big, you have the brain, you have the eyes to see, you have the ears to listen, you have the legs to walk, you are rich! I guess you have come across people with disabilities that cannot support themselves ,but atleast they also extend a hand in labour, lame people do work too, blind people do work too, even the deaf do hustle, so you who is blessed with all senses, why do you keep lamenting? You have a house to stay, you have food, you have clothes ,you access water, you have friends and you have parents, utilise them, stop cursing yourself!

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