Highlighting the progress of ‘ 60-Day Zero Sugar Challenge’ after Day 12

By Kamara Daniel

The Sixty Day Zero Sugar challenge that started on January 1, 2024, geared by health specialists from the Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre, has so far made a move to the 12th day. 

The challenge is spearheaded by Nutritionists who have combined efforts to engage a group of people from all corners to participate in the challenge. 

The 60-day zero sugar challenge is aimed at the following;

  1. Instilling a positive change in the community
  2. Instilling a positive change
  3. Management of conditions related to Sugar consumption and,
  4. The effect of sugar per body system and organ to fully expose the effect of sugar.

The Zero Sugar Challenge is set to have webinars every Tuesday from 8 pm to 9 pm and every Friday from 8 to 9 pm, with the major of the webinar to improve the general well-being, create awareness and enhance knowledge of the public as well as creating a multisectoral approach aiming at boosting the general health sector.

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Among the topics to be discussed during the webinar include;

  • Sugar and Kidney disease
  • Sugar and the skin
  • Sugar and the brain
  • Sugar and Cancers
  • Sugar and Eye Health
  • Sugar and the sexual reproductive system. 

Among many other topics in relation to the awareness campaign, we aim at coming closer to the person featuring all the needs and covering them all the time at no cost, the challenge is set to improve the general public sector with enough and relevant information that could boost their general performance.

The challenge will host all the specialists in different fields to help in the management of sugar-related issues and curb them.

Shared testimonies below from 3 persons highlight how the zero sugar challenge has changed their lives and lost weight, abdominal fat,

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  1. 26yr M, Clinical officer, I started the sugar challenge on 2nd, I was 83kg, at the moment today, am 81kg. my target is 70kg and am serious with hope that by end of the challenge the weight that I look at will be met. No challenges so far and am doing well.
  1. 33yr F, Midwife, Belly fat had become a problem, every time am from labour suit I would sit down with a soda and a cake to refresh myself., at the moment my fat is reducing, where other people are asking me about the slimming tablets and I tell about the Zero Sugar Challenge and no magic I have employed, I aim at becoming more portable and reducing more abdominal fat.
  1. 45yr F, 103kg Businessman, I am so grateful for this challenge, I really couldn’t mind about the food, timely feeding, food choices and the refined foods since I have a big business with that I need. Therefore, I landed on the poster indicating Zero sugar and I chose to challenge myself, following the pre-hypertension stages I was told last year, I became serious. So far, am much more free and have lost 3kgs as I target to lose more under your guidance.

The 60-day- zero sugar challenge is indeed changing lives and touching lives. We call upon persons to participate and gain more from this.

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