Can diet fix autoimmune diseases?

By Kamara Daniel

Auto-immune diseases occur when the body starts to fight its own tissues. Examples of autoimmune diseases include Diabetes type 1, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Understanding these diseases and the diagnosis would be more important to quickly tell the cause, however, diet, healthy lifestyle, and environmental exposure are to blame for this.

It’s very important to know that these diseases are non-infectious and that they don’t have complete treatment to cure them rather prevention would be essential.

So how do fix this autoimmune disease?

Different persons react differently after being diagnosed with these diseases; the most worrying issue is that these conditions do not have long-term solutions. Some people have gone ahead to use herbal medicines with hopes of complete recovery, and have found no improvement. Therefore, it’s key for persons who have been diagnosed with these conditions to involve a multidisciplinary approach to properly manage these persons.

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There are many causes of autoimmune diseases such as nutrient deficiencies, genetics, hormonal imbalances, food sensitivities, viruses, toxicity and other multifactorial causes.

Understanding your root causes is vital to take steps to prevent and recover from autoimmune diseases. Even though two people present with the same symptoms, it doesn’t mean that the mechanism creating the problem is similar.

For example, in MS, a vitamin B12 deficiency can present in a very similar way to MS. Both individuals may suffer from muscle weakness, cognitive dysfunction, and sensory disturbances, but the same underlying factor does not cause them. Pinpointing your cause is essential so that you can take steps forward.

Working with a health practitioner and doing some functional testing can provide great insight into your risk factors and current health status. 

Once you are more informed, you can then start personalising your approach to health and nutrition.

There is no cure for autoimmune disease, but you can live symptom-free.

Eating nutrient-dense foods and continuing to fertilise the garden of your gut microbiome with healthy prebiotic foods is a great starting place to feel at your best. Garlic, asparagus, Jerusalem artichoke and fermented foods provide those helpful bacteria in the gut with the nutrients they need to keep our immune system in check and our digestive function flowing.

As well as nutrition, other lifestyle factors such as sleep, relationships, movement, and stress impact autoimmune disease. Without solid foundations in place, nutrition can only take you so far.

Daily meditation practice and getting to know yourself internally lead to a more fulfilling life externally. It can help those who live with external pressures, people-pleasing and imposter syndrome feel more empowered about themselves.

And prioritising sleep, time with loved ones and movement throughout the day can be a remarkable contribution to the healing process, which you can thoroughly enjoy. The starting place for any recovery is to be kind to yourself and to banish any negative thoughts.

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There is no magic solution to fixing autoimmune disease, but there are straightforward ways to support your health so that whatever challenge you are presented with, you have the strength to overcome it with your body and mind.

Nutrition can work in close touch with other factors combined. You can do better.

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