Rising Stars: The Top 5 New Figure Skating Talents Taking the Ice by Storm

With its blend of athleticism, artistry, and grace, figure skating continues to captivate audiences worldwide. As the sport evolves, a new generation of talented athletes is emerging, pushing the boundaries of what is possible on the ice and dazzling spectators with their skill and creativity. In this article, we spotlight five rising stars making waves in figure skating, capturing hearts and inspiring admiration with their performances on the ice. 

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1. Alysa Liu (United States)

At just 16 years old, Alysa Liu has already significantly impacted the figure skating world. Known for her explosive jumps and technical prowess, Liu became the youngest U.S. ladies’ national champion in history at 13. With a fearless approach to competition and a natural flair for performance, she has quickly established herself as one of the sport’s most promising talents.

Liu’s signature move is her triple axel, a problematic jump that few female skaters attempt. Her ability to execute this challenging element consistently and confidently sets her apart from her peers and has earned her widespread acclaim from fans and fellow skaters alike. With her sights set on future Olympic and World championship glory, Alysa Liu is poised to become a dominant force in figure skating for years to come.

2. Yuma Kagiyama (Japan)

Hailing from a family of figure skating champions, Yuma Kagiyama has quickly emerged as one of Japan’s brightest skating stars. With a fluid skating style, impeccable technique, and a captivating stage presence, Kagiyama has garnered attention for his artistic performances and impressive jumps.

In 2021, Kagiyama made history by becoming the first Japanese man to win the Junior World Figure Skating Championships since Yuzuru Hanyu in 2010. His victory solidified his status as a rising star in the sport and positioned him as a contender for future international titles. With his combination of technical skill and artistic expression, Yuma Kagiyama is poised to make a lasting impact on the world stage.

3. Kamila Valieva (Russia)

Kamila Valieva has taken the figure skating world by storm with her exceptional talent and unwavering determination. At just 15 years old, Valieva has already amassed an impressive collection of medals, including gold at the 2021 World Figure Skating Championships and the Grand Prix Final.

Known for her technical precision and commanding presence on the ice, Valieva is a formidable competitor who excels in both the short program and the free skate. With her dazzling jumps, intricate footwork, and captivating performance quality, she has become a fan favorite and a source of inspiration for aspiring skaters worldwide. As she matures and refines her skills, Kamila Valieva is poised to leave a lasting legacy in figure skating.

4. Shun Sato (Japan)

Shun Sato has emerged as one of Japan’s most promising male skaters, captivating audiences with his dynamic performances and impressive jumps. Known for his technical proficiency and artistic expression, Sato has quickly risen through the ranks to become a force to be reckoned with on the international stage.

In 2021, Sato made his senior debut at the World Figure Skating Championships, delivering a standout performance that earned him widespread acclaim from fans and judges alike. With his combination of athleticism, artistry, and charisma, Shun Sato is poised to significantly impact the world of figure skating in the years to come.

5. Anna Shcherbakova (Russia)

Anna Shcherbakova has emerged as a dominant force in ladies’ figure skating, captivating audiences with her technical prowess and performances. Known for her powerful jumps and graceful skating style, Shcherbakova has quickly risen to the sport’s top, winning gold at the 2021 World Figure Skating Championships and the Grand Prix Final.

With her ability to execute complex elements quickly and precisely, Shcherbakova is a formidable competitor who excels under pressure. Her performances are marked by strength, elegance, and emotion, earning her fans’ and fellow skaters’ admiration. As she continues to push the boundaries of her sport, Anna Shcherbakova is poised to leave an indelible mark on figure skating.


The future of figure skating is bright, thanks to the talent, dedication, and passion of rising stars like Alysa Liu, Yuma Kagiyama, Kamila Valieva, Shun Sato, and Anna Shcherbakova. With their exceptional skill, artistic expression, and competitive drive, these athletes are redefining the sport and inspiring a new generation of fans and skaters worldwide.

As they continue to push the boundaries of what is possible on the ice, the world of figure skating will be filled with excitement, drama, and unforgettable performances for years to come.

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