Do good, be loyal and love Uganda; This is our home no one should use you to fail it

By Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye

Where is Al Hajji Sebagala of Hajji Alagidde, where is Olara Ottunu, where is Idi Amin Dada, where is the prime Dr Besigye? I pray for the comeback of Kakooza Muntale and fair judgement on people like our late Owito OjokBut where are they now yet they had the whole nation under their feet, and some of them had the support that their single words could mean a new wave of decisions for the whole Ugandans.

Where are they? What did those who have died go with🤷‍♂️, where are all the chiefs who ruled the world like Gen Napoleon, Hitler, Alexander the Great and even the Pharoah we always study about? Where are all the wealthy people, they are all gone because they chased something that was never theirs and at times became so ambitious.

But what happens if we turn up to love one another, help those we serve, stand on the truth and protect our beautiful motherland Uganda without thinking of what will personally benefit ourselves?

It’s extremely painful when our people suffer at the hands of a few politicians who think that the world is coming to an end and they want to eat almost everything on it. It’s not easy to turn your back on the world and expect a soft ending because people depend on you in your comfort zone.

It took a lot of persecution, tribulations and hardships for president Museveni together with the freedom fighters to bring people and freedom to Ugandans. It wasn’t easy for him as a young man to give up on the pleasures and the treasures of the world to gain the peace and freedom we are taking for granted today.

God lifted him from the filth of this world and raised him from the grave, he went through a lot of hardships for this nation to be saved from the bondage of wars and conflicts.

Now it’s so easy to go and have fun in all parts of the nation, people can move at any time with confidence of reaching wherever they are going safely. Young generations born in the post-Museveni Era have never seen what a war-torn world looks like and today they are undermining the struggle of the historical Jajja.

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I have witnessed opposition leaders standing on podiums outside Uganda and claiming that Uganda is a bad nation and is not worthy of living in it but it’s their home and after their comments they come back, they have businesses here and it’s only in Uganda where opposition leaders are damn rich though those even around them are poor.

In whatever we do let’s know that there will be no other nation better than your country, and there will be no better nation than Uganda even if you go and stay in UK, USA or Canada you will always be a Ugandan, we rather come together and build our motherland than fighting it for our interest.
As you advocate for it to fail because your children are abroad just know that they will come back one day.

I have witnessed people betraying Uganda because of greed, those with power and leadership using those opportunities to frustrate the work of our historical father (JAJJA MUSEVENI) but I would like to assure you, that Uganda will take time to get a God-sent leader like him and as long as he is alive let’s all support him because his commitment to see a paradise like Uganda can be achieved.

Those trying to force their way into succeeding him by force yet Ugandans still see all the potential in him should style up and stop holding Ugandans at ransom while pretending that Ugandans are calling for change, we don’t want to see what happened to Libya, Central African Republic, Iraq and other nations affected because of forced change of leadership.

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This world is too big, no one will eat it all and no one will go with it when his or her time elapses, fight your race and do everything to leave a name people will celebrate, A good legacy is the best retirement package and when you are dead your legacy can be carried on to your children.

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Hajjat Hadijah Uzieye Namyalo aka Chief Muzukulu is the politcal head at the Office of the National Chairman (ONC).


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