Here are 7 types of men likely to cheat in a relationship, see their unique qualities

Although your chosen partner may carry a higher risk of infidelity, it’s not advisable to choose someone just because they don’t fit into the category of cheaters. While certain signs of infidelity are clear, studies indicate that certain individuals have a greater inclination to cheat than others, and some of these individuals may defy expectations.

Experts say cheating in a relationship is 100 per cent the cheater’s fault but sometimes the one being cheated on can deny the signs. Even when these signs are obvious like staying late at work, more and more, leaving the room whenever he gets a call, and hidden purchases, among other things.

But did you ever consider the signs of cheating that are not obvious?

According to research studies, there are types of men who are more prone to cheating than others. Let’s look at them in depth below;

While women who are 100% financially dependent on their husbands are least likely to cheat, research published by the American Sociological Association reveals that husbands who are 100% financially dependent on their wives are most likely to cheat.

The theory is that men married to female breadwinners compensate for their masculinity using extramarital affairs.

Data from an extramarital dating site gathered by researchers indicated that men over 5’10” are twice as likely to cheat as men who are shorter than that.

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Men who stand at the precipice of a new decade of their life are more likely to cheat on you according to an analysis of data of more than 8 million men. Researchers theorise that these men make rush decisions and are more vulnerable to experiencing a mid-life crisis.

A study published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking revealed that a man who uses social media more frequently is more likely to cheat. The theory is that such men are more engaged in their virtual relationships than their real-life relationships, making them more likely to have an affair.

Data from another extramarital affair website indicates that men who work in information technology or engineering make up 10.6 per cent of men who have affairs.

If he cheats once, he’s more likely to cheat again. Research from the American Psychological Convention indicates that cheaters are 3.5% more likely to cheat than men who’ve never cheated.

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Data from General Social Surveys indicates that men who have had an affair have higher IQs than those who don’t. One theory suggests that men with higher IQs generally have more resources (with which to develop their intelligence).

Due to these resources (such as money, and social status), they are more attractive, so it’s easier for them to have an affair than men with lower IQs.

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