Op-Ed: The continued struggle against saboteurs in NRM mobilization strategies

By Denis Muteguya

The saboteurs of previous election mobilization campaigns seem to be reemerging. The Bazzukulu project, initiated in 2018, had initially progressed smoothly until it was hijacked by self-seekers, leading to disappointing voting percentages during the presidential elections.

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SPA/PA Hajjat Hadijah Namyaalo Uzeiye has maintained effective control, targeting the youth; a focus that continues under her leadership in the Office of the National Chairman (ONC). The Bazzukulu project, designed to engage and mobilize the youth, held significant promise at its inception.

However, various challenges, primarily from individuals with vested interests, derailed its progress and negatively impacted voting outcomes. The project’s failure to achieve its full potential was largely due to interference and disruptive actions by these self-seekers, who hindered its effective implementation.

SPA/PA Hajjat Hadijah Namyaalo Uzeiye, a pivotal figure in the Bazzukulu project, demonstrated strong leadership and organizational skills, guiding the initiative towards its goals. Her strategic vision and dedication to empowering the youth were evident throughout the project’s execution.

By focusing on engaging young voters and fostering their participation in the electoral process, Uzeiye played a crucial role in shaping the project and ensuring its alignment with the objectives of the NRM party.

The emphasis on youth involvement in the Bazzukulu project mirrors the current approach of the ONC under Uzeiye’s stewardship, with guidance from the party chairman, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa.

By prioritizing the youth and recognizing their importance in shaping electoral outcomes, the ONC has continued to build on the foundations laid by the Bazzukulu project. Through targeted outreach, innovative strategies, and inclusive engagement efforts, Uzeiye and her team have worked to mobilize and empower young voters, ensuring their voices are heard in the political landscape.

Uzeiye has revitalized the NRM spirit through her dedicated service in the Office of the National Chairman, a fact undisputed by true NRM members. However, the unfortunate continued behaviour of self-seekers threatens this progress as we move towards the 2026 general elections. It seems we have not learned from the mistakes of previous election outcomes.

Despite the setbacks faced by the Bazzukulu project, the leadership and commitment shown by SPA/PA Hajjat Hadijah Namyaalo Uzeiye have been instrumental in driving its resurgence within the ONC.

By leveraging lessons learned from past experiences and staying true to its core mission of youth empowerment, the ONC remains dedicated to fostering active participation among the youth and paving the way for a more inclusive and representative electoral process.

The writer is Denis Muteguya / denismuteguya@gmail.com

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