Celebrating Uganda Martyrs; the brave souls who gave their lives for faith

By Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo

Dear fellow Ugandans,
On June 3rd, we commemorate the martyrdom of the 23 brave souls who gave their lives for the sake of their faith. This day holds a special place in our hearts and reminds us of the incredible sacrifices that our ancestors made for the sake of Christianity. And as we honour their memory, let us also be inspired by their unwavering faith and courage.

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The martyrs faced unimaginable trials and tribulations, yet they never wavered in their devotion to God. Their faith was unshakable, even in the face of persecution and death. This is a testament to the power of faith and the strength it can give us in the most challenging of times.

As we look at the world around us today, we may also face difficulties and struggles. But let us draw strength and inspiration from the martyrs, who showed us that with faith, anything is possible. They remind us that our faith is not just a set of beliefs, but a way of life that can guide us through even the darkest of times.

Let us also remember the message of love and forgiveness that the martyrs embodied. In the face of hatred and violence, they chose to forgive their oppressors, just as Jesus did on the cross. Their message of love and forgiveness is just as relevant today as it was hundreds of years ago.

On this Uganda Martyrs Day, let us renew our commitment to our faith and follow in the footsteps of those who came before us. Let us strive to be ambassadors of love, peace, and forgiveness in our communities, just as the martyrs were. May their courage and devotion continue to inspire us to be better individuals, and to build a better nation.

May the spirit of the martyrs live on in all of us and guide us in our journey of faith. Let us never forget their sacrifices, and let us honour their memory by living our lives with the same unwavering faith and courage.

Happy Uganda Martyrs Day to all my fellow Ugandans. God bless you all.

Hajjat Namyalo Hadijah Uzeiye is a Senior Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs (SPA/PA) at the Office of the NRM National Chairman (ONC)

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