Op-Ed: Bigirwa’s new pressure group leaves Gen Museveni jubilating in Busoga

By: George Mubiru

The legendary Chinua Achebe once stated that; ” never test the depth of a river with both feet”  This is what Bobi Wine did through selective and apoplectic persecution of Bigirwa Moses, the self-proclaimed general who of recent denounced the Unreliable NUP and its entire lurch leadership.

The self-styled general has created a very big endless smile on the legendary president and the NRM after completely drowning and eventually killing NUP, burying it in Bobi Wine’s Magere. After all, What colorable reason could be assigned to Bigirwa in a party that feels comfortable on settling as the leaders of opposition for monetary gains? 

Recently, the suspicious and rancour Bigirwa launched his pressure group called the Eastern Revolutionary Platform (ERP) and installed himself as the supreme leader. This is a very big blow to the already embattled Robert Kyagulanyi’s NUP, whose support in Busoga has been deteriorating day after day.

Busoga lost trust in NUP because of its disrespect to the kingdom. This is after Various NUP herd mentality people have on several occasions abused and ridiculed the cultural institution and the king. The startled subjects almost wept when the top NUP leadership failed to de-associate itself from such individuals.

Coupled by the alleged support of homosexuality, the vexed people in the Busoga territory can’t bear NUP anymore. The ethnography of Basoga can’t give a chance to such uncultured leaders to thrive. They realized President Museveni is the only person who can preserve their culture.

Bigirwa read between the lines and opted not to assist an unjust administration by disobeying their unjust orders and decrees. To continue paying allegiance to NUP would mean partaking in their evil. He chose the NRM’s noble cause of disobedience of evil to secure the future of our beautiful nation.

Bigirwa has openly taken a bold decision and has castigated NUP’s top leadership for abandoning the struggle due to selfishness and parochial interests. He has demonstrated that it’s not right to think of oneself. He has emulated gen. Museveni’s belief of sacrifice and service above self in a human spirit that will always survive and prevail. The alleged signs of parochialism and chauvinism are barbaric and cannot drive our country anywhere apart from plunging us into turmoil yet we can no longer tolerate any dangers to the forward march of Uganda.

President Museveni, NRM and Bigirwa win. In Busoga, to resist radical evil means that you’re cultured. It’s a heroic character. It’s enduring a life that by all standards of the wider society is viewed as a success. The more Kyagulanyi runs to imperialists, the actors of the barbaric homosexuality to help him remove the tactical acumen from the most prestigious seat because of defending our culture, the more love and respect Ugandans will accord Gen. Museveni.

Bigirwa has accepted that the dominant culture and NRM’s main pillars of social economic transformation, patriotism, democracy and Pan-Africanism is the way to go. There is no doubt he has opened the eyes of the remaining few people who have been blindly following the enemies of development.

Compulsive liars are frightening and a great danger to society but the people of Busoga have rejected being compulsive believers. Believing would be tantamount to liar’s enablers. NUP is finally buried in Magere, and getting any NUP elected leader from Busoga in the 2026 polls will be extremely difficult. NRM and President Museveni will be overwhelmingly voted.

The writer, George Mubiru, is a researcher, political analyst and Ass. RCC Jinja City.

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