Post Bank Recognized by UbionPay As Best Issuing Bank In Africa

By Our Reporter

UnionPay International, the leading card payment company in the world, has presented the award of Best Issuing Bank in Africa to PostBank Uganda in recognition of the bank’s stellar performance in issuing
UnionPay cards in Uganda.

And in only a few months since the rollout of the card, PostBank has been able to sign up more than Shs 200,000 users; the highest number for any UnionPay card issuer in Africa.

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PostBank Uganda has a customer base of over 1,200,000 who now have access to world-class financial services through UnionPay.

One of the key objectives of the partnership is to ensure the spread of financial inclusion by providing an opportunity to the scores of Ugandans countrywide; where PostBank enjoys a footprint, to take advantage of the card’s services through mobile, digital and ATMs platforms.

“At the launch of the card in Uganda in November 2020, PostBank committed to making it accessible to customers seamlessly. Therefore, this award of Best Issuer in Africa is in recognition of this stellar performance by the PostBank team. We are honoured that PostBank has chosen to work with us as their partner on the journey to international financial inclusion,” said Luping Zhang, the general manager, UnionPay

“PostBank Uganda will be able to tap into the significant range of innovations which UnionPay has developed starting with MoneyExpress in 2021 that will open a new world of opportunity in the e-commerce space.”

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Julius Kakeeto, the managing director PostBank said the award is for each and every one who championed the project.

“Given the increasing significance of fintech, we are excited by the opportunities that this strategic partnership with UnionPay is already presenting to PostBank Uganda. And this is not only for the individuals and businesses who depend on us to provide them the best financial products and services for sustainability in Uganda but also for the rest of the Ugandan business community who can now access real-time payments to key business hubs like China, the Middle East and many more,” he said.

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