Makerere finalist launches book aimed at promoting work from home as part of the new normal

Mugambe Boris a final year student of industrial & organizational psychology at Makerere University has launched a book title “Telecommuting” that is aiming at offering knowledge and guidance to companies, organizations, and their employees who are engaged in telework.

In an interview with Daily Express, Mugambe said his book comes at a time when companies continue to enforce the offering of their products and services to their clients since the global pandemic hit the world.

“I really appreciate companies and organizations that did their best to allow and support their staff who were working from home to ensure that they keep up with the clients through the arrangement was informal and unstructured which created a few gaps that the information in this book is meant to address,” Mugambe told Daily Express.

He added on to say that the book also advocating for the permanent adoption of telework within the different organizational structures for it comes with a lot of benefits as explained in the book. The current and future generations are characterized by youthful employees who are energetic, creative, and innovative which calls for flexible structures that will see them thrive professionally and within their personal lives.

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“I encourage all organizations and companies not to struggle going back to the past, lets carry on advance and enjoy the new normal because the two working arrangements can coexist and boost performance,” he said

Boris hopes to propose this is ideal to most workplaces that are ready to advance as a move aimed at not only solving the current challenges as a result of the pandemic but also help managers to prepare for other future global uncertainties.

You can contact the author for a copy of this book at Shs20,000 only and any other inquires via; Tel: 0757206259 (WhatsApp) Email: [email protected] and his socials via; Mugambe Boris (Facebook), Mugambe Boris (LinkedIn) and @Boris95 (Twitter).

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