Lecterns should move nearer to schools and lodges if the Church is to help combat LGBTQ in Uganda

Philosophers like Socrates, Plato and others have long posited that people are born good but acquire’ badness’ along the way as they grow up, Am 100% in agreement with this school of thought It is indeed a schooled view that some people acquire manners that they were actually not born with at birth, while growing since we land in this world empty-handed many of the things we do are acquired.

Every negative danger associated with the vice of LGBTQ must be explained, the police and medical practitioners especially police surgeons must explain all the attendant effects of homosexuality like rotting body parts etc and the protruding out of internal organs. Let those who intend to engage in it know the health hazards upfront.

Jesus Christ was lampooned for visiting and dining with sinners, something that the Pharisees protested strongly against when he paid a divine visit to Zaccheus (read Zakayo) and other sinners. Many thought he was twisting the gospel.

Recently, a disturbing video of some individuals who looked like Secondary School or University Students engaging in acts of homosexuality went viral on social media and caused about 99% stress levels in some of us. Such content should not be shared, actually those sharing such content should be arrested henceforth.

It may be of some help if these Men of God took the gospel to places of sin such as; lodges and some schools in order to directly preach to those engaged in this illegal acts. Parents toil to raise school fees and send their children to acquire decent education and many of this learners end up acquiring indecent manners.

An academic analysis shows that many sinners dont go to church that being the case the lectern should be moved nearer to the sinners and law breakers as Jesus did in the bible

In the formative days of creation God created man and woman, knowing that man would be uncomfortable if he was left alone. Biblically, Genesis 1: 26 and 27 states clearly that HE created them male and female and armed them with core tasks among them recreation or call it reproduction to fill up the human race. He additionally commanded them to manage the earth and other living creatures, and therefore deviation from this divine roles has its ramifications on anyone.

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Today 22march 2023, this is a petition to religious leaders to come out openly and activate every verse and chapter in the bible against this vice of LBGQT that is eating our society. Where are the cultural leaders] please speak up, you are in charge of our customs. It is a recognised thought that customs teach more than schools on areas of manners. Our elders where are you please speak up. We expect schools to be more vigilant since they are in charge of our children where cameras should be installed in every corner of the school and as parents we shall be prepared to bear the costs. Headmasters and others administrators put this cameras everywhere including halls of residency.

Lex lata or current laws are there but not doing enough more stronger laws are needed including strict enforcement of the law. Over 99% of Ugandans are patiently putting their hope in the Asuman basalirwa bill that will introduce strong penalties to curb the vice.

Am happy to note that the law proposes to remove certain presumptions like presumption of innocence created under Art 28 which casts innocence on accused persons in criminal law. Many law breakers have been hiding behind this lacuna

Cultural leaders who are custodians of our cultures and customs must raise their voice a little bit higher than before. Where is Buganda’s voice on this? Bugisu cultural institution where are you?

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We must wake up and speak aggressively so that uganda and Africa deosnot become adent of homosexuals unable to produce future generations

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Steven Masiga is PHD student and the coordinator Makerere University Branch, Mbale


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