How President Museveni can empower journalists to promote gov’t programs

For example, the president can empower Journalists by providing them with advanced Gadgets like Laptops, cameras, recorders, Microphones both for Private and government-owned media houses

The writer is an NRM National  Vice Chairperson Aspirant Northern Uganda,

By Ojede Ziegler Bobson

I would like to begin by thanking H.E General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who is the head of state and commander in chief of the armed forces and the media fraternity at large in Uganda under their various umbrellas.

In Uganda today we have over 70 TV stations, over 230 active FM stations, over 50 online newspapers, several magazines and some key print media houses compared to those days when there was only Radio Uganda and Uganda television[UBC].

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Remember, sensitizing citizens on government programs, and access to information that can mould or educate the communities on various government programs and other programs that can instil morals and values or discipline within the society was a challenge compared to date.

Appreciation to media personnel.

In a special way, I would like to acknowledge and appreciate the contribution of the media and some of the key personalities I have personally identified in the field as reporters, Newsroom editors, Tv producers and the proprietors of media houses in various places in Uganda.

I would like to personally appreciate the way the following personalities, especially the freelance reporters, radio stations/TV reporters and presenters have always informed the People either by hosting or reporting in their various news articles in various parts of Uganda and regionally and even internationally.

Ofono Opondo, director of Uganda media centre, Mr Faruk Kirunda, the Ass. Presidential Press Secretary, Vision Group CEO Don Wanyama, Samson Gashumba, Gaetano Kagwa, Larubi of Gulu-Wan Luo TV, Bill Okech of Daily Monitor-Lira, all URN reporters, Mr Remmy Asiteza of Daily Express Uganda, Mr Elias Namanya of The Ankole times newspapers in Mbarara city, Hannington Mbabazi of The Standard and Capital Times online newspaper, The East African watch, The Public lens, Kigezi post, Tower post, James Onono of Mega fm Gulu, Opio Figo of Radio Rupiny, Fabulous Olwit Of Vision Group, Mighty fire fm Kitgum, Speak Fm Gulu, Favour FM, Luo FM  reporters Pader, Okidi Patrick[AKA Ocamoyiytdyel] Of The Ankole Times-Lango sub-region, QFM Lira news team, Voice of Lango news team, Bismark Olang of Unity FM, Voice of Teso News desk, Open Gate FM Mbale, Rhino FM, Voice of the gospel news team, Jambo and Tembo FM Kitgum, Pelegrine Otonga of Radio Wa FM Lira, Dokolo  Fm and Divine FM Apac, Alexander Okidi of wan Luo Tv Gulu, Umoja Standard, NTV correspondents, The Insider, Chimpreports, Galaxy FM radio, Abu Marthin of Ateker Fm moroto, Finela Akullo of Radio Unity Lira, Ebong Patrick of Daily Monitor, Hudson Apunyu of Vision Group Lira, Kyoga fm Amolatar, news team of All Karamoja Fm Kotido, Bukedde Tv staff, radio pacis and Mr Ariong Steven, among others.

We also appreciate the work of all these radio owners and we remember all the fallen heroes of media personalities like CD Angolororo, Mungu, Nakia Joyce –the fattest of Abim district, Dj Kakaba, Dj Super, Omony Doctor Smart, Olwal Mark, Dj Fredie among others. May their soul RIP. Amen!

Contribution of the media to the Government of Uganda.

I would like to credit H.E General Yoweri  Museveni Kaguta for having an interactive meeting with the media fraternity on the 6th February-12th February making them more patriotic while performing their duties for socio-economic transformation.

The media must be highly respected and appreciated in all ways by both the government and development partners to motivate them so that they write objectively.

The media have for long struggled to identify corruption scandals in various government projects, for example, NUSAF, Emyooga, NAADS, and PDM among others.

Media being the 4th arm of government helps the government get some intelligent hidden information as far as security-related issues are concerned, therefore they help tip the government on some queer activities taking place in the community.

They always break stories that are useful to the attention of government departments and ministries.

Exactly how the president can empower the media?

1- I suggest with respect that if the president is to achieve the best objective reporting he should provide both reporters at a personal level and media organisation be it online papers, print media radio or TV stations news desk with advanced Gadgets like Laptops, cameras, recorders, Microphones both for Private and government-owned media houses in the country since information is power.

2- Through SACCOs grant at regional level say Central, Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Journalist SACCO respectively to allow them to develop at group or regional level. Well aware that on getting families involved in the money economy, the President was happy recently to hear that journalists have come together and formed groups in form of SACCOs to benefit from government wealth creation programs.

By the way, the NRM message is that, in addition to education for all, you must get all the families involved in the money economy but with calculations because, if you don’t work for money, you will not be prosperous.

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Therefore I humbly advise the president to kindly consider journalists’ welfare.

Conclusively if we take that metaphorical thinking to mean the will and the disposition of the NRM towards matters of socio-economic and general development, we will find ample evidence of a willing spirit and a positive disposition on the art of NRM towards the matter

In addition, a large number of specialized and auxiliary agencies have been and continue to be established to cater for specific aspects of life relating to social, economic and technological development.

The writer is an NRM National  Vice Chairperson Aspirant Northern Uganda,
You can reach him on Tel 256 772 321 371/ 0774 77 4310 or Email  ojedeziegbo@gmail.com

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