MARK JUDE MUGERWA: Wolves in Sheep’s Skin

It is very absurd that traitors are normally our very own; that is, our best friends, our relatives, our family friends, our family members and those close to us. I guess you have ever tasted that feeling or heard a friend talking about that event or scenario. It is really heartbreaking seeing your own whom you thought to be gold becoming a beast or a wolf and turn against you.

Beware of the wolves in sheep’s skin. One can mask to be your best friend, your most loyal friend for a good time but when deep in his heart he/she has a hidden agenda to put you down or to lead to your downfall.

Despite all the goodness and love showered on you by your friends always have a given benefit of the doubt because not all that glitters is gold. Don’t be quick to judge a book by its cover.

I am not against having caring friends or best friends but it is my advice for you to always be curious and cautious to avoid being a victim of the “wolves.”  I have been a victim several times being “eaten” by my very own who had become a family to me. Always take time to allow someone in your inner circle otherwise, you risk knowing too late when cancer has already eaten you up.

In a nutshell, I pray and wish that you get the guts to move on despite experiencing the taste, bite or pain of the wrath of the “wolves.”

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