OPINION: Mr President; Stand tall and assent to Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Felix Oketcho

The media has been awash with articles on homosexuality. Despite threats from resource-wealthy nations to withdraw funds to Uganda and counter threats by human rights defenders, Over 356 members of parliament voted and passed Anti Homosexuality Bill.

I commend legislators for the wise decision to protect our nation from sanity especially the agitators of homosexuality who think because of money they can derail us from protecting our culture.
You promoters of this devilish homosexuality should go and hang!

We shall stand tall and defend our culture, preserve our country slogan “For God and My Country” and nothing even money will change our minds. Who deserves to have their children sodomised?
What do you benefit from homosexuality?
Will your billion shilling ever repair the permanent damage caused to body system?
Any way, Let me take the opportunity as well to thank the Parliament of Uganda led by my sister, Rt. Hon. Anita Among, for taking the bold step of passing the new Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

As we wait for H.E President Yoweri Museveni to assent to the bill into law, I thank him for providing overall leadership to the fight to preserve and protect our African culture and values. As Uganda, we have a clear sense of direction in regard to the Uganda we want to see and the Uganda we want for our children.

Uganda is a peaceful and welcoming nation but we know what we want. Our friends out there can count on us to cooperate on matters that take humanity forward, but on things that infringe on our beliefs, they should give us space to determine our ways.

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Mr President, I urge you to assent to the bill to make law to deter promoters of these devilish acts to book.
You will have protected your Bazzukulu, mother country and face as a great leader.
Mr President, we need to protect bazzukulu from this diversion despite their enticing offers to this target group and their vulnerability.

Mr President, there are lots of LGBT books for kids coming out every year. Books like Adventures with My Daddies, Daddy and Dada, Jacob’s School Play: Starring He, She, and They, Little People, Big Dreams: RuPaul, Pride Puppy, Two Grooms on a Cake, and What Are Your Words? A Book About Pronouns, and literally dozens of others need to be banned from libraries and schools.

Public libraries and bookstores are stocked with books about trans kids, LGBT “families,” being non-binary, and gender fluidity. We must stand for truth and what we believe in and what we are. We must do this for our children or lose their entire generation to ways of life without continuity.

Mr President you have always taken a firm stand on this vice and Ugandans love you for this clear point of view. You have inspired and encouraged other leaders at various levels, from Parliament to clergy, and cultural leaders and free Ugandans speaking one language, save for very few who are under the influence of promoters of alien cultures. The law will deal with those, but as Ugandans, parents, guardians, teachers, and community leaders, the power is in your hands to safeguard the young ones and assent to this Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law.

As lovers of culture, we shall ensure that we keep a close eye on our kids’ library, their online chats and contacts-in fact, the time to regulate the use of digital gadgets and social media for children strongly is now! On the internet, children are exposed to many things and people with different intentions, are out to entice them with money and gifts.

We shall keep our Children growing up in the “purity culture”, avoiding risky lifestyles and keeping safe in order to live and enjoy the future. We pledge to keep an eye on what kind of company our children keep, what they do in their free time, how they celebrate their leisure time etc. The devil is on the prowl, waiting to devour them.

The media, please, expound the messages of the President and other leaders and stand on the side of what is right! Human rights advocates, you have no ground to defend fake things that intend to derail our society. For God’s sake stand up and defend the cultures that raised you or we shun you?

Ugandans are peaceful and accommodating people but we know what we want, what we stand for and who we are. We welcome friends on mutually agreed terms. Cultural imperialism will not find ground!

Our children need education, they need jobs, they need peace, they need healthcare, they need food-not being biologically engineered!

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The Writer Felix Oketcho is Managing Director of Elix Promotions Ltd


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