Pastor Kayanja exposed for staging fake sodomy victims

The writer in his words says “Pastor Kayanja is a homosexual himself and there is proof of this but all he does simply is hide away from it and use his church to confuse people.

By Elisha Mukisa

If you ever thought Pastor Kayanja was the true holy man of God as he presents himself, then you are very wrong, truly wrong. The truth is he is not. And I know those of you reading this, you think I am the one who is wrong.

First of all, I am Elisha Mukisa, an ex-gay member leaving in Uganda and I must assure you all that I went through a lot as a gay member and I wouldn’t want more young people to fall prey to this deadly vice. Thank God that through my intervention and other concerned citizens in Uganda, I was able to facilitate the closure of several gay financing organizations and I must say it is a very big achievement for us as a country.

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In this article, I want to reveal to you how the so-called ‘man of God’ is staging fake sodomized victims just to criminalize them and leave out the real victims of the homosexuality deadly evil. As a matter of fact, Kayanja is a homosexual himself and there is proof of this but all he does simply is hide away from it and use his church to confuse people. He and his fellow gays have mastered the art of faking sodomy victims to plant them into those genuinely fighting against homosexuality to spy and cause confusion amongst themselves with the main aim of protecting the real homosexuals.

They know their actions are nearing to an end and all they do is confuse us who are in the fight against homosexuality or in the struggle against homosexuality by staging fake victims who they send in us just to create conflicts within us.
However, let me in this piece clearly explain to you how the gay machinery uses fake victims to extort information from fighters against the same vice. They place amongst us the wrong victims of theirs who they have sent to confuse us and that’s why these Kayanja boys have now confused Mrs Kyakabale.

Today, I declare that God will remember us. Let all our enemies scatter. However, as they do their evil, I pray rather it’s my humble prayer that we all reflect on Nehemiah, Nekemaya chapter 4: verse 10 which reads, “Prepare for the coming back of Jesus Christ, because the rapture is soon, God will answer by fire.”
I will further explain what Nehemiah/ Nekemaya 4. 11 says in relation to this big struggle against homosexuality which we are all in.

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I want to make this clear to you that the sodomy Mafias, the likes of Kayanja use fake staged victims to claim to have been Sodomised yet in actual sense they are not but with an aim of using the innocent people that try to help those victims to turn against them and accuse them of other pastors using the said victims to tarnish their names which of course is wrong. It’s another technical rather tactic homosexuals use to fight whoever comes their way.

God bless you all as we continue in this fight against homosexuality in Uganda and trust me, we are winning because God is on our side.

The writer; Mukisa Elisha is an ex-gay member who has diverse experience in the different tactics homosexuals use to protect what they call their ‘space’ in the name of exercising their ‘rights.’

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