Budiope West MP Kyoto Ibrahim faces arrest over cyber-harassment

According to screenshots seen by this website, Kyoto is convinced that Mubiito plotted to kill him by using his yet-to-be-identified wife.

Budiope West MP, Hon Kyoto Ibrahim Mululi (Photo/Courtesy)

KAMPALA, UGANDA: The Member of Parliament (MP) for Budiope West in Buyende district, Kyoto Ibrahim Mululi has been reported to the police by his political opponent John Bosco Mubiito on the matter relating to violence and cyber crimes.

The complainant, who is also a former MP of Budiope West (2011 – 2016) dragged Hon Kyoto to the Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Directorate (CIID) in Kibuli after the latter sent a threatening WhatsApp message to the former on the mid-morning of 27th May 2023.

A case with Ref No GEF170/2023 was filed by Mubiito, as the first step to bring Kyoto to book and be punished for cyber harassment and violence.

“He first sent me videos of his wife. Then he sent me a message accusing me of trying to poison him using his wife. After the accusation, Kyoto, who is the current MP of Budiope West, said he is coming for me and that I should be ready,” Mubiito told police on Monday.

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According to screenshots seen by this website, Kyoto is convinced that Mubiito plotted to kill him by using his yet-to-be-identified wife. “Do you remember the samples you gave her to poison me?” Kyoto asks Mubiito. Adding: “Unfortunately, I am still alive. Coming for you! Be ready,” Kyoto writes to Mubiito.

As a response to the harassment, Mubiito advised Kyoto to go for mental checkups but the latter only wrote ‘thanks’ to Mubiito’s medical advisory.

Then a calm Mubiito asks his accuser and aggressor why he doesn’t eat his money in peace. “You have failed to serve the people. You have failed to do what people voted you for. You are actually a disgrace to our constituency. So carry your shame quietly. Don’t start unnecessary wars,” Mubiito wrote to Kyoto.

On seeing that Mubiito had cornered him, Kyoto switches to vulgarity, accusing Mubiito of sleeping with his (Kyoto’s) wife. He said to Mubiito: “Da day you f**ked her is d day u lost yo whole self” Mubiito responded: “Be civilized my brother. The only war I want with you is on the ballot,” Mubiito then tells Kyoto to be calm and enjoy the feeling of being in [MP] office when the people hate you so much.”

At this point, according to the screenshots of the conversation he submitted to CIID and other security agencies as evidence, Mubiito blocked Kyoto, and the conversation ended. However, this conversation, according to Mubiito, left him fearing for his life.

“If someone alleges that you wanted to poison him through his wife, then he says that he is coming for you, it doesn’t matter if you are innocent or not. Out of his misguided anger, he can harm you; yet not at any point did I have an interest in harming him,” Mubiito is quoted saying.

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Kyoto and Mubiito enjoy a torrid relationship. Mubiito accuses Kyoto of performing heinous electoral malpractices like beating his opponents, paying off electoral officials, intimidating his supporters and voting to steal.

This rift has left the two political enemies at crossroads and in a spiteful mood against each other. Therefore, the attack on Mubiito, since it is he who first texted the vile messages, is not one he will take lightly.

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