KCCA Boss Kisaka formally writes to Minister Kyofatogabye over contract renewal

KCCA ED Ms Dorothy Kisaka and Minister for Kampala Hon Kabuye Kyofatogabye

KAMPALA, UGANDA: The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director, Ms Dorothy Kisaka has formally written to the Minister for Kampala over the renewal of her contract as the Authority’s head.

Kisaka who assumed KCCA office in July 2020 will see her three-year tenure and that of her deputy, Mr David Luyimbazi, and the Director of Administration & Human Resource, Ms Grace Akullo come to an end on July 23, 2023.

Unless otherwise appointed before the date of expiration of her contract, Ms Kisaka along with the two at the helm of KCCA’s top administration will have to vacate their offices, with End Luyimbazi automatically moving into her office as the Acting ED.

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Ms Kisaka in a July 19 letter to her line minister Hon Kabuye Kyofatogabye said she had forwarded all the relevant documents indicating her achievements, challenges and planned activities, which are necessary for the renewal of her contract.

“I thank you for your continued guidance and support in your supervision role and further humbly seek your endorsement for contract renewal,” Kisaka noted.

Minister Kyofatogabye speaks out

Mr Kabuye Kyofatogabye, the State Minister for KCCA and Metropolitan Affairs, acknowledged receipt of Ms Kisaka’s letter but said she, together with the other two officials have not submitted all the required documents necessary for renewal of their contracts.

“She has to fill and submit the Public Service Commission Form, which stipulates how a public servant has performed during her tenure, key responsibilities, achievements, and pending works,” he said.

“And it is after here that we shall hold an appraisal meeting with her and the entire team whose contracts are expiring; then we submit our comments to the Public Service Commission who will scrutinise further before forwarding them to the President, who is the appointing authority, for consideration,” he added.

This publication has further learnt that the executive director, the deputies and the directors of KCCA are supposed to officially write to their line minister close to the expiration of their recurring contracts. This is then followed by the Public Service Commission Form.

“This form is very important because it summarises the entire performance of the public servant and this time we are talking about three top officials, meaning Ms Kisaka has to submit one form representing the rest,” Minister Kyogabye said.

He adds that after this, a date is set where both parties meet with the minister for an appraisal meeting where they agree on the achievements and work plan. The minister then later issues his or her comments that are forwarded to the Public Service for further scrutiny.

“You need about a month to do that but as I speak, Ms Kisaka has not submitted the form, meaning on July 23, she will have to hand over the office as we work on her contract,” the minister explained.

Regardless of whether she secures the second term or not, Kisaka is wearing a big smile on her face as KCCA recorded the biggest revenue collection in June 2023, since KCCA inception. The Revenue collection team is wallowing in pride over the Authority’s unprecedented achievement in revenue mobilisation despite the two covid years.

The 2022/23 Financial Year saw KCCA register the highest collection to the tune of UGX 104.8 Bn which is the highest collection in the Authority’s 11-year history.

In the period between FY2020/21 and 2023/24, the Authority was able to mobilise a total of 274.5 Billion representing a 25℅ revenue growth.

Regarding revenue performance over the last three years, there has been steady growth, attaining 92%, 94% and 105 % in target revenue collection for FY2020/21, FY 2021/22, and FY2022/23 respectively.

In FY2020/21, 80.32 Bn was collected of the projected Ugx87.07 which translated into a 92% achievement. Of the Shs 99.75Bn that had been targeted for FY2021/22, Shs 93.3Bn was attained, an achievement of 94%. 2022/23 exceeded expectations and marked the highest-ever collection in the process. Whereas 99.75 Bn had been targeted, the actual collection hit a whooping 104.8 Bn, marking a score of 105%.

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Kisaka’s key achievements over the last three years

  • 12.9 km of roads have been upgraded/reconstructed and upgraded with government funding.
  • 43.12 Km of City roads have been upgraded/ reconstructed/ with funding from the World Bank.
  • Expanded the street lighting network (On-grid) by 535 Street Lights
  • Mapped out and recommended for gazetting 585 Boda Boda stages in the five Divisions of Kampala
  • Constructed 10.45 km of various community drains in the various divisions
  • Supported 8,888 farmers (5,954 female and 2933 male) in NAADS across the five divisions.
  • Identified, verified and supported 70 farmers (48F females and 22 male) setup demonstration unit.
  • Deployed new staff in 15 public markets and City abattoir in line with the Presidential directives on markets
  • Mobilised 1,085 groups with 31,434 members (19,796 female) to form cooperatives/SACCOs.
  • Trained 298 political leaders (125 males, 173 females) on Gender Based Violence in Kawempe, Central and Nakawa Divisions
  • Mobilised 1,685 youths (961 male and 724 female) from which 854 Youths have accessed Shs4.7Bn to carry out income generating projects.
  • Mobilised Shs274.5 Billion between FY2020/21 and FY2023/24 registering a 25 percent revenue growth.
  • The Physical Planning Committee approved 1873 building plans out of the submitted 3,755 in the period under review.
  • KCCA with support from the Uganda Police Force and the UPDF, in the smart city decongestion exercise decluttered several frontages of streets.
  • Developed the Kampala City Tree Infrastructure ordinance to guide on green management in the city.
  • Planted a total of 18,382 trees and continued to maintain over 376,890sqm of green spaces across the city.
  • Registered 8,369 cases of different offences resulting into 2,155 arrests, 7,954 convictions and collected fines worth Shs616 million
  • Out of 141 concluded cases in the period, 84 cases were decided in favor of KCCA representing a 60% success rate, 47 (33%) cases were decided against KCCA and 14 (10%) cases concluded by consent of parties.
  • KCCA operated a garbage fleet of 27 trucks with an average carrying capacity of 380,000 tons collecting garbage for free from the public institutions
  • Engaged 3 concessionaire firms to collect Solid waste at a fee ranging between UGX 3,000 – UGX 30,000 per month from identified mapped service zones.
  • Registered an average daily garbage collection of 1,200 tons and 438,000 tons a year.
  • Completed 45 percent of the construction works under the 2nd phase of the 60 bed maternity ward at Kiswa HCIII.
  • Commissioned the Neonatal Unit with holding capacity of 25 babies per day at Kisenyi Health Centre.
  • Constructed 10 Medical waste collection points in 7 KCCA directly managed health centers; 1 police owned Health facility; and 2 Private- Non-for-profit Health care facilities within Kampala in partnership with GIZ- Sanitation for Millions project.
  • Registered a total of 8,440,823 new attendances (3,847,555 Males; 4,593,268 Females) at OPD in Kampala.
  • No stock out of any of the tracer medicines in the 8 KCCA directly managed health units was registered in the period under review.
  • 405,760 children (0 to 59 months) were vaccinated.
  • Enrollment increased to 76,907 (36,659 Male and 40,248 Female) pupils in the 79 government aided Primary Schools in 2023 compared with 48,316 (25,578 Female, 22,738 Male) pupils in FY2019/20.
  • 1,231 Primary School Teachers in the Government Aided Primary Schools giving a Pupil: Teacher ratio of 62:1 compared to the national average ratio of 53:1.
  • KCCA conducted a total of 1,068 City School inspections in all the 79 Government Aided Primary Schools and private primary and Secondary schools in the City
  • Constructed 165 stances of waterborne toilets, 9 incinerators and 34 Wash Alots in 12 schools with support from partners (GIZ and MTN- Uganda).
  • Some of the key ongoing projects
  • Undertaking upgrade of 13.64Km and reconstruction/ rehabilitation of 8.66Km of roads.
  • Ongoing construction of the City Traffic Control Centre building in December 2022
  • Undertaking the construction of community drains in the various divisions.


  • Financing
  • Low staffing levels.
  • High cost of transport
  • Increased disease outbreaks
  • Non-functional new market structures
  • Covid-19 lockdown affected the projects
  • Inadequate Legal Framework
  • Low levels of compliance to paying relevant fees, rates, rent and taxes
  • Vandalism of City Road furniture
  • Inadequate number of the Law Enforcement Staff
  • Limited budget for Medical logistics and Health supplies for the KCCA health facilities
  • Inadequate capitation grants
  • Ever-increasing threats of encroachment and loss of school land.

It remains to be seen if President Museveni will overlook the challenges of the current ED Kisaka and reappoint her for another reign as KCCA Boss.

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