Health Ministry confirms outbreak of cholera in Namayingo

Ministry of Health Spokesperson Mr Emmanuel Ainebyoona (Photo/File)

KAMPALA, UGANDA: The Ministry of Health has confirmed the outbreak of Cholera in the country and dispatched rapid response teams in the districts of Kayunga and Namayingo in order to suppress and contain the contagious disease.

Mr Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the spokesperson of the Ministry confirmed the outbreak on Tuesday, June 25, and said that the three cases so far identified are receiving treatment, urging the public to maintain high levels of hygiene to avoid contracting the disease.

“We have identified three cases of cholera in Namayingo and they are already receiving treatment. A number of those who presented with signs and symptoms have since received treatment and discharged,” Mr Ainebyoona said.

He added that officials in the ministry have embarked on the journey of sensitizing the communities about the dangerous disease.

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“The Ministry working with District Health Officers are ensuring that they sensitize the masses to stop further spread of the infection, this also involves educating masses on the quality of water and food they consume,” said Ainebyoona.

The Namayingo District Health Office on July 15 received an alert of a suspected cholera case at Bugana health centre III who presented with profuse watery diarrhoea, vomiting and stomachache.

After conducting several tests on July 24, 2023; results from CPHL confirmed a case of vibro cholera 01 ogawa in three of the four collected samples hence the confirmation of cholera outbreak by the Ministry on Wednesday.

According to the Namayingo Deputy Resident District Commissioner Solomon Baleke, all the victims identified so far are from Bumalenge village in Siguru Islands.

Baleke says a team has been dispatched to the area to assess the magnitude of the problem and determine a response plan.

The Health Ministry has since mobilized Village Health Teams (VHTs) to continue house-to-house campaigns on early medical seeking for patients presenting with similar signs and symptoms, continuing contact tracing and follow-up and also notifying key stakeholders like district leadership and regional EOC.

The ministry however dismissed reports that the disease had been reported in Kayunga district.

About Cholera

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines Cholera as an acute diarrheal infection caused by ingestion of food or water contaminated with the bacterium Vibrio cholera.

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Cholera can be prevented by washing hands thoroughly with soap and water, cleaning all soiled items with plenty of water and taking the person suffering from cholera for treatment to the health facility as soon as possible.

Currently, WHO recognizes three pre-qualified oral cholera vaccines that include Dukoral, Shanchol and Euvichol-plus and all three vaccines require two doses for full protection.

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