Lato Nadolac: Pearl Dairy launches new product targeting infants

Pearl Dairy, the manufacturer of Lato Milk has launched Lato Nadolac as a complementary feeding solution for infants (PHOTO/Courtesy)

KAMPALA, (UG): Pearl Dairy, the manufacturer of Lato milk has launched Lato Nadolac, their latest product specifically targeting infants, the company announced on Wednesday.

Designed as a complementary feeding solution for infants, Lato Nadolac aims to support parents in the essential journey of weaning their babies off exclusive breastfeeding by introducing solid foods.

Bijoy Varghese, General Manager at Pearl Dairy in a statement dated August 09 revealed that the crucial milestone for applying the new product formula should ideally begin when the baby reaches around six months of age, executives said.

“..the new product formula can be applied when the baby reaches around 6 months of age and therefore presents a significant step forward in the company’s quest to improve infant nutrition in Uganda,” a statement by Varghese reads.

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“We understand the importance of introducing solid foods at the right time, and Lato Nadolac has been meticulously formulated to provide a nutritious and balanced diet for infants during this vital transition period with the required standards,” he added.

To accommodate different preferences, Lato Nadolac is available in two delightful options. The first variant is wheat-based, providing nourishing cereal-based nutrition for babies, complemented by milk. The second variant is wheat and banana.

”It is enriched with the goodness of real banana fruit, introducing a delightful taste while promoting healthy eating habits from an early age.”

According to Varghese, Lato Nadolac is now available in all supermarkets and retail outlets in the country at only UGX 2,000 per 50g sachet.

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“By offering Lato Nadolac at an affordable price, we hope to empower parents to provide the best nutrition for their babies, contributing to the overall well-being and development of our nation’s future generation,” Varghese noted.

“We believe that every child deserves a healthy start in life.”

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