Bugiri LCV boss thumps policeman for asking bribe from patients at govt hospital

Bugiri, (UG): Bugiri District’s fearless Local Council 5 Chairperson, Mr Kasajja Davidson Mulumba is under the spotlight after he allegedly descended on a corrupt police boss and beat him up, leaving him hospitalized after he was caught ready-handed demanding a bribe.

The victim has been identified as Cpl Bwire Joseph, the Bugiri Hospital Police Post Officer in Charge is currently nursing wounds from the beatings of Mr Kasajja Davidson Mulumba, the Bugiri District LC V Chairman.

According to preliminary information received, it is alleged that Mulumba stormed the hospital in the late hours of Saturday, October, 27 following a desperate call from a patient who had been denied access to Bugiri Main Hospital after failing to “wet the beaks” of the security personnel guarding the facility’s gate.

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Upon the tip-off, the politician hopped on a boda boda to disguise himself and landed at the gate where the officer was conducting himself like a demigod with a “man eats where he worketh” attitude as scores of desperate patients and attendants pleaded for his mercy.

The Chairperson of the district joined the party and he was bundled together by the ruthless police boss who kept him with the rest for another forty minutes.

Upon realising that his crying captives included the chairman, Cpl Bwire took off, prompting another officer to open the gate.

He was, however, smoothed out by the angry Mulumba who allegedly thumped and punched him as he failed and groaned in pain. The officer would later open up a case of assault against the politician at Bugiri Central Police Station vide CRB 804/2023.

“I was on night duty ensuring security at the hospital when Chairman Mulumba came raiding in a motorcycle and complained of delay in opening the gate for him and descended on me and started beating me up. I ran and hid behind the small house at the gate and he followed me and continued beating me,” Bwire narrated to the media over the weekend.

SSP Godwin Ocheck, the Bugiri District Police Commander(DPC) confirmed that Bwire had indeed reported the assault and Mulumba was expected to appear before their Criminal Investigations Department to be interrogated. He also condemned the Chairman’s conduct, suggesting that he should have restrained himself as a leader of his capacity.

“We strongly condemn what transpired that night and the Chairman has already been sermoned to explain himself on the matter. I call upon the public to stay calm and police continue to investigate the incident to establish the whole truth regarding the matter,” DPC Ochen told the media.

Bugiri LCV Boss Responds

In an exclusive interview with DailyExpress, a chest-thumping Mulumba admitted that he had indeed had an altercation with the corrupt police officer following several complaints from the community but denied ever fighting with anyone.

The Chairman explained that he was prompted to make an impromptu late-night visit at the hospital to ascertain reports that gate men were extorting patients seeking rescue from the facility in late night hours.

” Someone had frantically called me that they had been denied entry at the gate when they had sick people they had throughout for treatment. I went on a boda bad, escorted by some other people, and I was also bundled together by the officer demanding “kitu chidogo” Mulumba narrates.

That 40 minutes later, the errant security officer realised his folly and ran away, prompting his other colleague to open the gate for the Chairman.

” I was angry just like anyone else would have been. We have come from far in the fight to clean this district of the rote in service delivery and corruption. I was rude, that I admit, even Jesus became rough while castigating those whom he found defiling his father’s temple.” He said.

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Mulumba has attributed the mayhem to political rivalry, noting that he has been a civil man who can not dare attack anyone, let alone one armed like in this case.

” I want it to be on record that I didn’t neat anyone and I will never. But the bad people feeling this baseless mayhem should know that my fight against corruption and poor service delivery will not be derailed at any cost no matter what it takes.” Further notes Mulumba.

After the scuffle at the gate, Mulumba says he proceeded to the Hospital Wards and integrated with the patients to get a more informed insight into service delivery at Bugiri’s main health facility.

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