Bubangizi SS launches Inaugural Bubz League at Prime Arena in Kampala

By Aine Gerald

Kampala, (UG): Bubangizi Secondary School located in Mitoma district is today (Sunday) set to make as it inaugurates its highly anticipated Bubz League. The league, organized by the school’s alumni, will showcase the sporting talents of former students and promises to be a thrilling celebration of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

The grand opening ceremony will take place at the prestigious Prime Arena in Kawempe, Kampala.

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Bubangizi Secondary School, known for its commitment to academic excellence, is now venturing into the realm of sports to provide a platform for its alumni to showcase their soccer abilities and foster a sense of unity among the former students.

The Bubz League aims to reignite the competitive spirit among the alumni and create an opportunity for them to reconnect with each other and their alma mater.

The league will feature several teams, with notable participants including Rwekitsigazi, Ensolo, Akarere, and others. These teams are composed of former students who have eagerly embraced the chance to relive their glory days on the field and engage in friendly competition.

Excitement is building as the anticipation of the opening matches reaches a fever pitch. The Prime Arena, renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities, will provide the perfect stage for the league’s kick-off.

The venue’s spacious seating capacity ensures that friends, family, and supporters can gather to witness the rebirth of Bubangizi Secondary School’s sporting legacy.

 The alumni, adorned in their respective team colors, will march onto the field, creating a colorful spectacle that symbolizes the unity and pride associated with Bubangizi Secondary School.

Following the parade, the league’s opening match will feature an exciting clash between Ensolo and Hunters, two teams brimming with talent and determination.

The players are eager to showcase their skills, displaying the techniques they honed during their time at Bubangizi Secondary School. The electrifying atmosphere is sure to captivate the audience as they witness the unfolding of this highly anticipated encounter.

The photo above shows the opening fixtures of the day.

Akarere, another team participating in the league, will also kick off their campaign against Rwekitsigazi. With each team’s pride and honour at stake, the matches promise to be fiercely contested, with the players leaving nothing on the field.

The Bubz League is not only about competition but also serves as a platform for networking and fostering a sense of community among the alumni. The event will include various activities, such as interactive sessions, alumni reunions, and fundraising initiatives, all aimed at strengthening the bonds between the former students and their beloved school.

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Bubangizi Secondary School’s foray into sports through the Bubz League represents an exciting chapter in the institution’s history. The league’s launch will undoubtedly create lasting memories and provide a platform for the alumni to come together in celebration of their shared experiences and achievements.

As the countdown to the inaugural Bubz League begins, the anticipation is palpable, and the spirit of Bubangizi Secondary School is set to shine through the Prime Arena in Kampala.

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