MPIGI: ONC empowers bazzukulu with wealth-creation tools in poverty alleviation drive

ONC Assistant Communications Officer, Mr Kintu Moses (2nd L) hads over the items to one of the beneficiaries on Saturday, November 18th, 2023 during the Mpigi Youth Day Celeberations

Mpigi, (UG): President Yoweri Museveni’s Office of the National Chairman (ONC) has boosted thousands of youths in Mpigi District with a wide range of self-empowerment tools and machinery to boost themselves economically and join efforts to fight against poverty in the central Ugandan district.

The tools and equipment which included; spraying machines, welding machines, fertilizers, and chips frying machines, among others were donated to various youth and women groups in Mpigi during the belated Youth Day celebrations in the district.

While handing over the items to the bazzukulu converged at Bujuuko Parish in Muduma Sub-County on Saturday afternoon, Mr Kintu Moses, the Assistant Communications Officer at ONC who represented Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo to use the tools to their potential and see themselves improve economically and financially.

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In the remarks by Ms Namyalo read by Kintu, the ONC boss urged the bazzukulu to expose the corrupt officials in their local governments who are fond of diverting taxpayers’ money into their greedy bellies.

“For long, these opposition members have been speaking hell against the good NRM government, it’s the language they use to confuse you, but they don’t tell you that this same government has empowerment programs like Emyooga, PDM aiming to uplift you economically,” Ms Namyalo said in a speech read by Mr Kintu.

“Recently a billion was released for maintaining your district roads, why is the opposition not talking about this, are they blind? Kindly don’t succumb to their comical poli-tricks,” the message added.

ONC Assistant Communications Officer, Mr Kintu Moses speaking at the Mpigi Youth Day Celebrations

Kintu therefore asked the wanainchi to demand accountability from their leaders and follow up on all the funds released by the government to their district, saying this is the only way ‘kawukumi’ will be curbed.

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“If you didn’t receive PDM cash, why do you keep silent? Do you want Museveni to come here in Bujuuko to monitor this program? That’s impossible, be responsible and fight for your share so that you can benefit,” Kintu noted, adding that the ONC boss is currently on a mission to ensure each region of Uganda embraces Museveni’s message of transitioning into the money economy.

Some of the groups that received the wealth creation tools on the afternoon included; Kiringente Youth Development, Kyosiga Kyokungula Muduuma, Mpigi District Youths Council, Mpigi District Women with Disabilities, Tukolere Wamu Development, Agali Awamu Development, Bujjuko Youth Development, Kayabwe Group and Buwama Development.

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