7 things men over 30 should never wear

By Alibawa Saire

In the realm of men’s experiences, his 30s are a period marked by exhilarating transitions: acquiring homes, advancing careers, establishing families, and beyond. Though these milestones may not resonate universally, the undeniable truth persists, the 30-year milestone is a time for a reflective moment in front of the mirror, acknowledging: ‘I am a man’.

And below, we look at the top 7 things a man in 30+ years should never wear

1. Wearing graphic-printed T-shirts or slogan T-shirts with loud logos

Any middle-aged man who still wears t-shirts that have a large skull with inscriptions on them or a dragon spitting fire plastered on them doesn’t want to accept his real age.
There is no reason why any man above 30 should be dressed in any T-shirt meant for young boys or boy bands.

When looking for nice T-shirts to buy, you should stick to simple but classic T-shirts with a tiny or no logo. Ralph Lauren Polo and Lacoste t-shirts are a good idea

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2. Wearing a T-shirt but showing too much chest

There is simply no justifiable excuse for a 30-year-old man to show too much chest when wearing a shirt. It doesn’t matter if you have a broad, hairy chest and you find it sexy enough to display to ladies in hopes that they can find it attractive. You should never undo more than two buttons on your dress shirt.

3. Wearing socks with sandals

There is no excuse for taking part in this fashion faux pas unless you are 30+ and still in secondary school. Then perhaps people can assume it’s part of your school uniform or dress code. Think about it: sandals are meant for cool comfort and ventilation; why then would you want to add socks to defeat the whole purpose?
For those who claim, “My feet are cold; that’s why I wear them,” I have a solution for you: wear close-toed shoes.

4. Wearing white socks with dress shoes

If you are 30 and still in primary or secondary school, then you might skip this part.
But if you are a 30-plus working professional or businessman, you should never wear white socks for any occasion other than sports or to the gym.

Choose navy blue or black socks instead; no matter what you are wearing, you can never go wrong with these two colours, but if you are more fashion-forward, try out some colourful socks.

5. Wearing a backpack with a suit or native wear

This is very common among professionals, even the ones over 30. It’s highly unprofessional to wear a backpack with a suit.

While these backpacks are okay for students, any middle-aged man is better served by a sleek and stylish leather briefcase or messenger bag that hangs across your chest.

6. Wearing wrinkled clothes

Looking like you slept in your clothes is highly inappropriate. At 30, you should not have any excuse for arriving at any place—work or social function—wearing wrinkled clothing.

Keep all your clothes neatly ironed and wrinkle-free using spray starch, or better yet, invest in a good dry cleaning service; they are well-trained to take care of your clothes and are never going to deliver a wrinkled shirt to you. Also, it’s a good habit to always hang up all your clothes—never throw them on the floor of your room after use

7. Wearing a visible undershirt underneath a button-up shirt

An undershirt popping out of your dress shirt doesn’t look good at all. If you must wear an undershirt when wearing a button-up shirt, you should choose the V-neck type, which by default sits lower.

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If you have also noticed, most designer shirt brands that manufacture round neck undershirts design the round neck to have a low cut, so you could go for these types.

For instance, the LUX brand. This goes a long way toward showing you the importance of concealing the neck region of your undershirt when wearing a button-up

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