Bizarre scenes as man impregnates mother-in-law, says it was by mistake

East African netizens were left soaked in the embers of shock and astonishment after a man identified as Ibrahim revealed that he mistakenly impregnated his mother-in-law only to find out that it’s his wife who planned it all.

Ibrahim a Tanzanian Man who grew up from a humble background where his parents were not able to send him to school was earning a living with his Tuk Tuk which he used to transport people and their goods to different destinations in his town is now trending for chewing his mother-in-law.

He however found this new client he has identified as Sharifa who became a regular client, they exchanged contacts. One thing led to the other and started dating and regularly went for outings.

“One particular day as I was busy working, I met a young lady Sharifa as a client after transporting her to her destination where we exchanged contacts, she became my regular client, transporting her goods daily and we became friends she later asked me out,” said Ibrahim in an interview with Afrimax.

He further says the two went out and had the best time together, he drove her back to her home but the beautiful Sharifa would ask Ibrahim to stay around for a night because she was single and only lived with her mother who had no issue with her daughter hosting visitors like him. Ibrahim immediately accepted the request.

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According to this young man, after days of dating, Sharifa introduced him to her mother and he was welcomed home every time he wanted. He says they treated him well and he felt at home all the time he paid them a visit.

However, little did Ibrahim know that his newfound love Sharifa had plans beyond friendship as their romance and chemistry continued leading from one thing to the other. Unusually, the woman proposed to Ibrahim and the two later tied the knot at a colourful function attended by a few family members.

“They organized the wedding ceremony and we had a wonderful wedding day to remember, with limited means, I moved into Sharifa’s mother’s house and little did I know that this decision would set the stage for the bewildering sequence of events,” narrates Ibrahim.

The two now three lived happily together and he even had to quit his Boda boda job but couldn’t stay home to just sit because even his wife would go to work every day.

One day as he was away from home, Sharifa called informing him that her mother was not okay, he immediately rushed home to check on the sick mother only to find a scene that he recalls was the turn of events in his marriage. He says he found the mother-in-law bathing in the backyard.

“I hurried back home thinking something is wrong only to find my mother-in-law naked, taking a bath in the backyard, i quickly closed my eyes and turned back in respect not to see her and surprisingly she told me not to worry and that all was okay. Being respectful I quickly went back out of the gate but after a few minutes, my wife called and asked why I had gone out again.”

He further says that upon being asked why he had moved out again, he told his wife that he found the mother-in-law all good and not sick as earlier indicated and he later realized Sharifa had all along been setting him up into a love triangle where her mother would also share the same cassava she enjoys every night.

“One evening when we were at home, my wife acted as if she going to do some business as usual but took too long and later that night my mother-in-law entered and forced herself on me, and you know men are weak so we ended up having an affair,” Ibrahim narrates the first time he chewed the mother-in-law.

Ibrahim says he felt embarrassed after bonking his mother-in-law and because of guilt, he told his wife while apologizing and she instead told him it wasn’t a big deal and that she was unbothered about it.
In fact, she told him that he should take care of her mother in all ways.

“I told my wife all that happened while apologizing but the wife seemed unbothered as if that was normal and told me that it was not a big deal and added that I should take care of her mother, i was shocked and disappointed at the same time. This kept happening as she [mother-in-law] often visited our room and I ended up impregnating my mother-in-law”-Ibrahim further narrates.

The now confused man says he was so fearful after ballooning the mother-in-law and he even thought of ending his life. Events took another turn when a mysterious man came into the picture claiming that he was Sharifa’s father, to you reading this article, this man now would be Ibrahim’s father-in-law and at the same time a co-husband to the mother-in-law he had bonked into cabbages and even impregnated.

Fearful of what might happen next if the man knew that his wife was pregnant and the son-in-law responsible, Ibrahim took a painful decision to escape from the link of confusion leaving his pregnant mother-in-law and his dear wife Sharifa behind.

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In the interview that has elicited mixed reactions online, Ibrahim longs to reunite with his wife but he’s still fearful with questions on what motivated Sharifa to do all she did and put Ibrahim in a cage of temptations where he ended up chewing the mother and the daughter and even managed to impregnate the mother-in-law.

The story has sparked a myriad of reactions online, with Ibrahim’s tumultuous journey drawing both sympathy and bewilderment from netizens. The unfolding saga raises questions about the complexities of relationships and the unforeseen twists life can take.

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