Why dogs often like to ‘pee’ on car tyres, other objects

Dogs are traditionally part of our culture in parts of Uganda and also serve as security animals that safeguard our homes both physically and spiritually.

There are so many things in our daily life we often see but do not try to know the reason behind them. We notice these things almost every day at home or even outside. We see them so often that now our eyes are used to them.

One such thing is dogs urinating on tyres or poles. Have you ever wondered why dogs use these two spots to urinate?

Dog experts have done a very thorough study on this behaviour of the animal, and they gave three reasons.

With the physical aspect of it, they prevent strangers from gaining access to our premises and also our offices without our notice or consent.

In the spiritual aspect, dogs are believed to be spiritually gifted by God to see the unseen. Dogs can see ghosts and dead people when they pass on in less than 24 hours.

It is believed that when dogs see ghosts, they make slow but melodious sounds at night, other dogs nearby can also imitate that sound and they can continue for about one to two minutes with sounds like ‘woooo wooo woooo oooooo’.

Another reason why dogs urinate on rubber tyres is that they like the smell of rubber. Therefore, they get attracted by the smell of the tyre, go near it and return after peeing.

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When a dog urinates on a pole or tyre, they pass information, which is then available to other dogs who will smell that pole or the tyre.

Dogs prefer to urinate on vertical surfaces rather than horizontal surfaces. The lower part of the tyre and pole is within reach of the dog’s nose. Hence, they leave their mark at the level of the nose of other dogs.

The smell of dog urine will remain in the rubber tyre for a long time. On the other hand, if dogs urinate on the ground, their smell ends in a short period.

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Dogs according to some traditional people and animal lovers urinate on trees, cars and objects to mark their territory as this is their way of contacting their other companions.

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