MUGISHA RICHARD: My take on the newly appointed Assistant RDC/RCCs

Mugisha Richard (Photo/Courtesy)

By Mugisha Richard

From my personal analysis, I got from NALI Kyankwazi I can state that: The study of patriotism education is quite inexhaustible Patriotism as a field spread its wings in almost all sectors of governance, but to conclude this study one ought to summarise what it touches upon and perhaps make recommendations, so as you look for the literature notes have that in your mind since these might help in improving patriotism education in primary and secondary school levels in our schools as well as suggest recommendations for further research in the field. 

From the onset of my study and research I have been making aimed at how to analyse the understanding of patriotism in the education context, the aim was to find out whether patriotism is taught at both primary and secondary school levels. The literature covered showed that patriotism is citizens ‘love for, devotion to, and pride in their country (Cepeda, 2013).

Sometimes it is assumed that love for something comes naturally but according to a study, it’s the contrary. As a matter of fact, a lot of effort, knowledge, goodwill, human resources and funding ought to be invested in teaching love or the love of the nation (patriotism). It is only through education that we can achieve the goal of patriotism.

But for this to be done, an understanding of the concepts and theories of patriotism must be brought into perspective, it’s a cardinal role of you and me who should do this as cadres of NRM who if it was possible the appointing authority should be selecting from *Headteachers and teachers* to become commissioners like *RCC, RDC, DEPUTY, now Assistant* to be declared. 

 In my opinion, it would be better for the recruitment to be from true NRM cadres who to me are the teachers currently struggling to teach patriotism in schools but are left out and such positions therefore if the teachers cannot be recruited in the above then below are my views :

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The teachers who are supposed to transmit an important message of patriotic education, are overloaded with a lot of work and little motivation from their peanut salary they are paid every month.

As a matter of fact, teachers are the least paid workers in Uganda yet the work they do is much more important if related to the government’s goals and objectives. A teacher gets a gross pay of 500 Turkish liras and you find a driver of a member of parliament gets a gross pay of 2000 Turkish lira.

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So, the Ministry of Education must revise its remuneration policies and find a way of motivating the improving teachers’ pay, after all who are entrusted with the important task of teaching patriotism education.

This will motivate the teachers to spread the gossip of patriotism education among the LEARNERS and the local people.

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