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BIG STORY: Cannabis Growing can create over 6200 jobs in a year, and transform Uganda into Middle Income State

Marijuana is a lucrative business – or at least, it could be if allowed to flourish within a favorable legal climate.

If legalized at all levels, cannabis has the potential to generate billions in revenue, provide millions of jobs, and save billions of dollars on law enforcement something that could see Uganda’s economy transforming within one year into a middle-income state.

Given the surging demand for marijuana and its ever-expanding diversity of products, this one drug that holds many benefits should it finally be legally accepted in Uganda, can turn the nation into Africa’s economic super power-according to economists.

Here Is Why Ugandans Are Highly Demanding Legalization Of Cannabis Farming

According to some economic studies, the legalization of recreational marijuana creates 6,208 new full-time jobs in retail and production of marijuana and generates a total labor income of $260,732,000 per year.

Legalizing marijuana has social impacts that translate to economic growth. If cannabis becomes an accepted substance, its usage will become less taboo.

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People are more likely to seek help for abuse and dependence because they no longer need to fear the discrimination that is generally associated with them today.

Furthermore, people can buy cannabis from regulated, legal cannabis dispensaries, which offer safer cannabis with THC below 3% to minimize harm and addiction. As a result, marijuana is becoming less socially destructive and does not interfere with their ability to work.

Less money is spent on convicting unnecessary crimes, but instead on public goods like education and other infrastructure to promote economic growth. With clear regulation and careful scrutiny, the cannabis industry can be a powerful field that can offer both economic and social benefits to Uganda.

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