ELOPROSTINE: A complementary medicinal product to support prostate health in Men

ELOPROSTINE may interact with prescription drugs or other herbal products used for reducing swelling of the prostate gland and sugar lowering.

ELOPROSTINE is complementary and alternative medicinal product that supports prostate health and function in men, especially, those above 40 years of Age who are at risk of enlarged prostate gland and ultimately prostate cancer.

ELOPROSTINE contains bioactive plant extracts of Prunus africana (Hook. f. ) Kalkman. [Family: Rosaceae], Cinnamomum verum Presl [Family Lauraceae] and Cucurbita pepo L. [ Family Cucurbitaceae] in a blend of natural excipients standardized against phytochemical compounds that have been shown in various scientific studies to support prostate health and function, lowering the risk of prostate gland enlargement and prostate cancer.

The compounds in ELOPROSTINE have been shown to shrink the prostate gland; to relieve urinary problems that accompany its enlargement. These include failure to urinate, weak urine flow, incomplete voiding, and frequent daytime and nighttime urination.

Dosage and administration

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ELOPROSTINE is taken orally. The dosage is 10mLs every eight hours ( or 30mls taken once a day). For those already with enlarged prostate glands, routine Patient review by a health worker is recommended. Dosage can be adjusted according to response ( Dose can be increased. Maximum to be administered in a day 60mLs).

Precautions/ warning:

✓ Shake well before use.
✓ Avoid coffee, tobacco and other bladder irritants while taking ELOPROSTINE

Interactions with other drugs and food

ELOPROSTINE may interact with prescription drugs or other herbal products used for reducing swelling of the prostate gland and sugar lowering. Care should therefore be taken when adding ELOPROSTINE to other regimens. There are no unfavourable interactions with food noted. However, the effectiveness of ELOPROSTINE can be decreased by a lifestyle habit that aggravates enlargement of the prostate gland, for example, a high cholesterol diet, high-fat diet, high red meat, low fiber diet, frequent and high intake of beer, and lack of exercise.

Adverse effects

None has been observed yet. ELOPROSTINE is known to be safe when taken at the recommended dosage.
Should any unusual effects occur please report to your health worker and manufacturer /distributor for proper follow-up and management.

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients as stated on the product label.
Active principles in ELOPROSTINE: ELOPROSTINE contains anthracenosides, phytosterols, ferulic acid esters, triterpenes, coumarins, flavonoids and steroidal glycosides.

How does ELOPROSTINE work?

Based on composition, ELOPROSTINE is postulated to exhibit the following pharmacological activities:
Cholesterol-lowering action within the prostate. Fat-soluble phenolic compounds ( ferulic acid esters)lower the cholesterol level within the prostate.
Decreasing inflammation within the prostate. Phytosterols (Beta-sitosterol ) and pentacyclic triterpenes decrease inflammation within the prostate by decreasing intraprostatic prostaglandin levels.
Interfering with testosterone’s effect on the prostate. The ferulic acid ester n-docosanol reduces prolactin levels. Excess prolactin may induce enlargement of the prostate gland since prolactin increases the uptake of testosterone by prostate cells thereby increasing the synthesis of dihydrotestosterone.
Inhibiting prostatic growth factors. The ingredients in Eloprostine are potent inhibitors of a variety of growth factors that induce prostate gland enlargement.
Inhibiting 5 α-reductase enzyme activity: ELOPROSTINE has ingredients that inhibit 5α-reductase enzyme which is responsible for the conversion of testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone.
✓ Inhibiting aromatase activity. As men age, they make excess estrogen by a process called aromatization. This excess estrogen can cause enlargement of the prostate gland. An enzyme that is concentrated in fatty tissue, called aromatase, converts an adrenal steroid hormone (androstenedione) into estrogen. According to animal studies, ingredients in Eloprostine block this conversion.

✓ Ingredients in Eloprostine inhibit expression of PSA, 5 α-reductase enzyme activity, ER α-, AR, Steroidal receptor co-activator-1 (SRC1) in prostatic tissue.

Formulation and manufacture

ELOPROSTINE has been formulated by Ugandan Senior Pharmacist and Lecturer of Pharmacy at Makerere University, Dr Lutoti Stephen. ELOPROSTINE is manufactured on an industrial scale by ELOIPHARM (U) LIMITED

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ELOPROSTINE is distributed by ELOIPHARM Pharmacy AM Legacy Plaza, Ground floor, opposite Yudesi Primary School Kalerwe Kampala. The product can be got from the nearest pharmacy, drug shop and clinics across Uganda.

REGULATION: ELOPROSTINE has been duly evaluated and authorised for medical use by the National Drugs Authority (NDA).

For further inquiries contact ELOIPHARM PHARMACY on +256758329111, WhatsApp +256782764180 or by Email:

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