Abandon emotions while dealing with Balaalo issues – Mp Lamwaka

Omoro District woman MP Hon Lamwaka Catherine hands over a token of her support to Atiak Chief Rwot Santos Apire Richard on Monday, October 30, 2023. PHOTO/HANDOUT

Acholi Region, (UG): Omoro District Woman Member of Parliament, Catherine Lamwaka has appealed to Acholi leaders to abandon radicalness and emotions when dealing with the issues of balaalo based on the pending Presidential Executive Order number three which calls for the eviction of Balaalo among others.

Hon Lamwaka who was on Monday, October 30 meeting the Atiak Chief [Rwot] Santos Apire from his palace from Atiak in Amuru said Acoli’s problem includes Poverty, and dependency syndrome that has led many young and old people to alcohol consumption among others.

She appealed for unity and objectivity in analyzing and dealing with issues in a more comprehensive manner using a holistic approach other than politicizing every small case for selfish gain at the expense of the common people.

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“There is a need for in-depth due diligence to present findings that can enable us to have a deep understanding of the questions of the balaalo for a long-lasting solution to this issue”

According to Ms Lamwaka, these are issues that need central attention from the President since the premature handling of balalo might never handle the root cause of the problem and in three or six months after eviction, balalo would be back in Acoli.

“We need to address the root cause why people are selling their land, once we can dialogue and people understand then automatically the issues would be sorted”. Lamwaka said.

“We must provide the direction for an alternative means of livelihood than sales of land, our people should get into production. Our negotiations should focus on special affirmative actions on Agro- agro-industrialization and related value addition chain support to bring our people into the money economy”. Lamwaka submitted.

Lamwaka Catherine shares this view with Lagend David member of Parliament from Agago and Okullu Anthony from Lamwo.

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Rwot Santos Apire, the Atiak Cultural Chief said he is in preparation to welcome the president and have all people gathered to give their inputs although the problem of cows of Balalo encroaching on other people’s gardens and the arrogance and violent nature of the balalo are among the issues already registered by his subjects.

President Yoweri Museveni is expected to visit Okidi by 3rd November 2023in Atiak Sub-county as part of his personal ground meeting with communities that are staying with the balaalo.

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